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  1. I do like ka4a's maps... they are very different from the others you listed. Often have cool music as well.
  2. Ok thanks everyone. I guess it's obvious that it's your forum password if you allways type in the passwords which I never do since they are entered automatically.
  3. And why is that piece of info so difficult to find?
  4. Tollo

    Banned by (O_O).

    Well some people will not actually race but shoot at others throughout the race... and often they'll target the leader. If that was the case a longer ban would have been good. I've seen Lance race and he races pretty dirty, I don't know what he did but would trust the ban was ok.
  5. Tollo

    Two Suggestions

    There are many races where the starting position doesn't matter all that much, if you only buy it when it really matters then you will not run out ot GC if you're even reasonably competitive. Also maybe the GC holders shouldn't be that privileged all the time...
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