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  1. PollosHermanos

    Ryuzaki's admin application

    Yeeeeeeeees!! Good luck
  2. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    It happened to me on my 13" Macbook (1280x800px), but updated Firefox and looks well now. Check if yours is outdated
  3. PollosHermanos

    Share your paintjobs :)

  4. PollosHermanos

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Paintjob updated
  5. PollosHermanos

    NickYahoo Moderator Application 2016 (RACE)

    Buena suerte mi colombianka, i said it, RACE server needs another active admin and he speaks spanish.
  6. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Looks too much comfortable for me, thankkss
  7. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Lol... i wrote a bad link, i linked another theme, install that https://userstyles.org/styles/23516/midnight-surfing-global-dark-style Sorry ahha
  8. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    For all the people that wants a night version Just install Stylish (Browser plugin) and then install this Style https://userstyles.org/styles/23516/midnight-surfing-global-dark-style Works with almost all the pages If you dont like the colors, you can find out another theme here https://userstyles.org/ just search for "black" or "night" or something. TO USE ONLY IN MRGREEN AND NOT IN OTHER WEBSITES: Go to Stylish -> Administrate styles (idk how it's called in english version, the first option) Click on edit in the active style And in the line numer 9 change the "@-moz-document url-pr..." text for that @-moz-document url-prefix(https://mrgreengaming.com){ Then click save and now the dark theme is only for mrgreen
  9. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Ywa if you wanna put the green background of the both sides you just need to put this CSS BODY { background: none #141414 !important }
  10. PollosHermanos

    Destiny + KASH

    http://www.thefreedictionary.com/race Doesn't matter how the races are. Only matters to reach the finish flag. Race don't involve only skills or only luck, race is just race, can be in so many types, not only the one you like. Btw, NTS and Stroth Boxes map is not just luck (Yes, it's such an important thing), but always win the same people that usually wins (Or are in the 5 firsts) the normal maps, what a coincidence And almost all the people love these maps.
  11. PollosHermanos

    Destiny + KASH

    THANKS, same with NTS and Stroth boxes maps.
  12. PollosHermanos

    Welcome to the new forums!

    It's great, but maybe too clean, but I think a little darker background should be better to navigate and read... (And more old school xP) ↓ Like this ↓ And maybe it's only me, but the Quote bar of all posts is pretty big and confusing... It have more importance than the post.
  13. PollosHermanos

    Destiny + KASH

  14. PollosHermanos

    [Upload Horns] Post Your Horns Here

    Here are 3 more Benny Hill Theme.mp3 Groove Street.mp3 Lenteja.mp3
  15. PollosHermanos

    (MTA) {Megas Moderator Application} [2016]

    It was a big surprise for me (and other players too) when I realized that Megas wasn't an admin. I mean, everytime I needed help with commands or so, I was atended by Megas (and Jack, mi amor) so quickly and that's why I though all the time my Masha was a mod. And for sure, RACE server needs a moderator (Jack almost does all of the job alone) when in MIX server there's always 3 or 4 mods/admins, and I think Megas is the best to do that. So my opinion is a big YES.