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  1. lzize

    CTF, DL and MH

    CTF is really fun with coordinated teams. DL is fun too, no point in removing it, maybe making the trails longer would help. MH, at least for me is really, really fun on the right maps. It isn't a waste of time and with 8-9 players it gets awesome. It just needs some improvement, such as adjusting how many hunted players are, say 20-30% and remove their weapons
  2. lzize

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Add random events to DeadLine after a certain time has passed, because people sometimes avoid engagement and just start circling inside the area. I have proof if needed.
  3. lzize

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Server: Mix Map name: [SH]#SQN Reason: The map is huge and has a camping spot between the ramps, where the trees are.
  4. lzize

    Mappers Wanted

    My first CTF map, i was bored, so i made this Taxi wars.zip
  5. lzize

    NTS delete suggestion

    Yeah, much people loves it, also much people hats it, I'm on the first group, a NTS lover, but, NTS is screwing up the server, i mean, 400 GC for one custom change map, only for NTS?. My suggestion is delete it, i know, we gonna to miss it, but it's for stopping the screwing. My other suggestion is modifiying the buy maps GUI, i mean, it said "200 GC to put a map" opr something like that, my suggestion is to put "200 GC for normal map, or 400 for NTS", that will stop scrwewing too. So, i leave it all on you, Ywa, Bin, and SDK, our main scripters
  6. lzize

    The server stole me 200GC o_O

    Thanks Bin, the server will be punished!, lol
  7. Yep, the server stole my 200 GC, why? Well, i won the race, and the GUI cme out, then i chosed Never the same at the very last moment, but, votemode came out and NTS didn't show up, i have proof of that, and it's impossible that the guys doesn't chat in a race so, here are the proof, a Imageshack album. http://imageshack.us/g/821/mtascreen20111125175722.png/ Please server, give me back my 200 GC!
  8. lzize

    lzize admin application

    Hi guys, I'm back, now Ywa can do it
  9. lzize

    lzize admin application

    Well, if Ywa wants to see me In Game, srry, i wil go to Acapulco for seven days starting from today, so, have fun with Mr. green guys!
  10. lzize

    lzize admin application

    Thanks guys, lets see if Ywa agree with this. Also i don't enter to IRC channel, because i like to see the problems by myself
  11. lzize

    lzize admin application

    Gameserver:Mr. green MTA Age: 16 Country of origin: Mexico (we're very good, the bad news are from other guys and in another states) Link to SteamCommunity profile *: N/A Link to Xfire profile **: N/A In game name: (R.L)LZize (R.L WAS a clan, in a freeroam server, but now it's dissappeared and i keep the name because i like it, so no, isn't a clan) Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Well, first of all, no much people knows me, because i sometimes use the chat, i preffer to put my mind on the race, my GC counter is very low because my slow computer 22-32 FPS. But now the good things: 1. I know like 80-85% of english language, 100% of spanish for who doesn't speak english 2. I connect to he server atleast 4 times per week, but normally i connect to the server all the days. 3. I'm very patient with issues. 4. I'm young, yes, but I'm very responsible 5. I will NEVER abuse of my admin powers, i will be a "neutral" admin, not a good, not a bad admin, only neutral, meaning I sometimes put requested maps, and other times i will ban/kick cheaters, like any admin And that was my admin app. P.D: In case of my app got denied i will understand why
  12. lzize

    lzize maps

    Ok guys, i have another try,its a replica (in a "normal" day) of Mexico city ºNRG's º53 CP's ºA maze on Mullholand intersection ºAnd much more If you live in Mexico city you know what i'm talking about Note: the folder which contains the map is called "joey", the map too, but when you play it, it's called Mexico D.F. race-MexicoDF.zip
  13. lzize

    lzize maps

    Ok, Bin, thanks, i will be better
  14. lzize

    lzize maps

    My new map: ºIt has 16 spawnpoints for the teams º13 checkpoints ºSandkings ºMovement of parts ºDuration depends on player skills race-Finish it!.zip
  15. lzize

    lzize maps

    Hello everyone, this is my first map: ºCheetas at start ºDuration of 2:30 mins ºIts a little bit hard ºIt has 2 falls I hope that you upload my first map Update: the download file is this http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3IQRTG87
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