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  1. Blobby

    Where is the ammo packs? ZS

    I talked to him a couple days ago (less than 6 days ago). And this might be related to a company which will sue him. Heck no Delu better not get sued. Ill sue them for sueing Delu...forget that Im black Ill just bust some caps.
  2. Blobby

    [ZS] Game Update

    AGH. I know its a first person, but dude, I hate the forced player models thing. I JUST GO CRAAZY! I wanna be like a leet model but a beserker. :/
  3. Blobby

    Wierd error in ZS

    Lol I set that as my backround XD
  4. Blobby

    So unfair

    Ok, I hate it when skilled people keep redeeming over and over again in the same round and it makes it impossible for unskilled players to redeem. Like me, I get so close to redeeming and then every skilled player just takes the rest of the kills. Can you make redeeming limited, maybe like twice a round?
  5. Blobby

    What would you like new to the game? [ZS]

    Make the gun spawns quicker, we cant live off of pistols forever. Well, at least I cant. I can live for like 2 mins then I get killled. Make it like at like 14 mins...
  6. Blobby

    [ZS] Game Update

    My only 2 problems is the forced player models. I want to be charple, but i want to be commando to. I dont know why, I just feel the need to be a Charple! And the second one I agree with Clavus on the color correction. Its horrible, I die too easily because of it.
  7. Blobby

    Chainsawman's Admin Application

    One word, ACCEPT HIM! Err....wait. Thanks chainsaw for teh uber awsum times
  8. Blobby

    I've decided to leave too...

    Fack you Dusty, you little cheater XD
  9. Blobby

    Robo is Done!

    NO. I WILL NOT TAKE THIS! I will make a group on steam, reminding us all that these were great players.
  10. Blobby

    Robo is Done!

    Cya robo, for the great sprays you made, and making us all happy by your end round !ravebreaks. Ill always thank you mate for what youve done, bye, and good luck with your life. BAD AZAE! NO!
  11. Blobby

    New update bugs

    I dont like the way its dark, lets taze clav_maze for example. I go around the corner, and find myself lost because its too dark. I would still like the humans to have a flashlight at the beggining, and it makes it way easier for the zombie. Just my suggestion though, dont get all defensive
  12. Blobby

    Possible ZS changes

    Aww I was looking forward to this too D:
  13. Maybe alot of people are against you because your like half the other kids that play MMO games. Its frickin annoying O.O
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