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  1. Share your paintjobs :)

    pika? PI FUCKING KA Doesn't work too well on Infernus, but that's what the second pj is there for I guess.
  2. Deleted Pro maps???

    It got 8 replies within one day. Doesn't seem that dead to me. edit: 9 now!
  3. Deleted Pro maps???

    Dead, but still relevant. Like Prince.
  4. Deleted Pro maps???

    Bring back Clan bike steps. Maybe keep it out of rotation so it only comes up if someone buys it? I still remember the hate that map got every time it was played so maybe that could be a solution. Or if someone still has it saved, I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me. Rude!
  5. achievments bug

    Same thing happened to me. Had 13 achievements last night and when I logged in today I had none. And it's not because they were reset for the rewards system, I got them after the reset (unless you reset them again today). And the greencoins I get aren't saved either. Like, when I log in for another session the coins from the previous session are gone.