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  1. Psychopeti (HUN)

    Mr. Green Garry's Mod Zombie Survival

    Finally some good news for this new year! I will pay attention!
  2. Psychopeti (HUN)

    10 years, since the good days

    Classics VIDS Need a TimeMaschine to back and rape zombies again
  3. Psychopeti (HUN)


    sibul1993: I Agree.
  4. Psychopeti (HUN)


    Braindawg: I not see this video in long time Love to see my asses in the video... Not saved in old zs server files? Need to upload back and set the time is 2013.
  5. Psychopeti (HUN)

    Hey guys !

    Downgrade back the server to 2008
  6. Psychopeti (HUN)

    Classified Information: New 3.0 Zombie survival

    Final version release of June? Nice video!
  7. Psychopeti (HUN)

    Maps for ZS 3.0

    I want to see back again zs_hauntedbayou zs_4ngry_quaruntine zs_bog_pubremakev1 zs_nastyhouse_v3 zs_nastyvillage zs_outpost_final zs_seige_v1 zs_thevillage zs_urbandecay2 zs_ventilation zs_zincoshine_v2
  8. Psychopeti (HUN)

    OmeGabor's admin application on ZS:Onslaught

    Aha, YES :gmod:
  9. Psychopeti (HUN)

    OmeGabor's admin application on ZS:Onslaught

    Good luck bro!
  10. Psychopeti (HUN)

    A New Dawn Of Green 3.0 'Human Classes'

    Looks cool!
  11. Psychopeti (HUN)

    The return of the SkillShop

    Waves no, SkillShop no. G4K for the Win
  12. Psychopeti (HUN)

    The return of the SkillShop

    +1 Cheeseman
  13. Psychopeti (HUN)

    The return of the SkillShop

    I played yesterday afternoon and no one liked it * Okey maybe one liked it...
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