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  1. Reiska

    The future of ZS in general

    Well I am doing an bachelors degree in nursing and health education, that is interesting, while doing gigs in hospitals, health care centers seeing and helping many patients with different backgrounds, problems. I am in a relationship and also I enjoy doing powerlifting and trying to lift more and more weight. So I have on going education, work, relationship and a serious hobby that I have been doing nine years, so I dont have that much time for games. At the moment im trying to finish my thesis.
  2. Reiska

    The future of ZS in general

    My new fav game nowadays is life, still wouldn't mind a little zombie apocalypse to come, see if I still got the skills
  3. the place was dead for me a long time ago
  4. Reiska

    10 years, since the good days

    Well I do miss dominating everybody, now I have do it in real life. My English has probably worsened quite a bit since i haven't talked to mic for such a long time the server was good practice to that as well
  5. My army service ended 2 days ago, im a free medic finallyB)

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    2. mogadonskoda
    3. Reiska


      there is not much to come back to here now is there though:ninja:

  6. Life is a mothtafucka...

    1. Duby


      Sounds like someone has missed me. ;')

    2. Reiska


      Wont admit it in court

  7. A ghost from the past has appeared

    1. Duby


      You should of stayed as a ghost

  8. Looks cool, sorry to say I havent had time to be involved with this since army and personal life keeps coming in the way, but hopefully I will at some point come back wiser and stronger than ever to help with this
  9. Reiska

    Pictures of thyself

    Fucking around in the woods
  10. going camping 4 days in the woods with the other medicks and on a last day we have an evacuation march where we have to evacuate someone couple of kilometers, I sure as hell will pick the skinniest guy I aint gonna evacuate someone who weights 100 kilos goddammit

  11. Nope not dead, just in the army learning medick stuff and becoming wiser by the day

  12. Reiska

    Maps for ZS 3.0

    Also let this topic be also used in the future about any discussion about the quality of maps or any complaints about them, much easier that way
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