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  1. where is the NTS maps you promised me 

  2. Gametaff

    I kinda miss MTA, should I come back? - Crash

    Yes! This is the best server in the MTA scene, toxiest community ever, shit maps and retards crying at you for being a blocker/rammer are awaiting!!!
  3. Gametaff

    FPS Limit Race Server

    Hello? It's 2018 calling. How bad your pc can be that it can't run properly a game that has almost 15 years old. Yes, indeed 100 FPS gives a minor advantage at the beginning of the map but that's it. I don't get the point of what you're asking for. Imagine the server gets a FPS limiter then what? Are you going to delete, one by one, every toptime that has been set with 100 fps and start all over again just like in 2015? Doesn't seem fair to me at all and, as MoshPit says, there are a wide variety of players that can play good either at 60 or 100 FPS you won't even see the difference so please stop requesting ideas that will ruin the server more than what is these days
  4. XD

  5. I had the opportunity to record the match between BOR and NKC :catbread:


    1. AleksCore


      Pretty gay music taste haha

    2. Gametaff


      ahahahhah you won't imagine how many people have said that xD

  6. Gametaff

    Post your funny pics

    Actually it says: "Thanks for keeping the toilet clean"
  7. Gametaff

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    Taxes and shipping are gonna be more expensive than the product itself IMO
  8. Gametaff

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Like what? Can't I give my opinion on what's going on here as everyone does yeah right. I really don't know your position about this but if you're in favor then I should be the one who expected better from you as an old friend, just saying
  9. Gametaff

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I don't even know if laughing or feeling shame for what I just read. Firstly you assume that you can insult others anywhere just because you consider him your god? lmao. Then you're telling me you'll be able to suck my dick if we talk like gentlemen well as far as I'm aware you can't be that manly if you agree to suck someone's dick lol. Use your brain for a second if you have one ofc. Ah also, learn some fucking English, that shit was terrible
  10. Gametaff

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    He has been playing here more than you fucktard. I'd like to ask, who the fuck are you? lmao It's amazing how the people who know the less are the ones who love to talk the most, gtfo . A guy who is simply trolling for fun and annoying other players don't deserve an unban. Go suck other's one dick
  11. Gametaff

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    It seems you only know one side of the coin. Sandy is far away for being a nice and helpful member and, as someone says above, he's a troller and he has insulted my country (and from other users too) several times, plus he's talking bs 24/7 so his ban is well deserved and the admin who banned him made the right call, if you're gonna troll and expect nothing then the whole server would be a total mess, the less toxic people, the better so I'm ok with that. Also, there are members who have been playing in mr.green before than him and they don't ask to be treated as kings. About Rras, nothing much to say, he's a cheater and a cheater deserves a ban, simple as that.
  12. Gametaff

    cheated tops

    He also got a top in one of these maps called "down d ryder" or something like that, his top 1 is like 8 seconds ahead and it's kinda ridiculous because you can't get such an advantage in a map which relies on pressing just w and avoid obstacles
  13. Gametaff

    ı need green coins

    lul get gud kid
  14. Gametaff

    Those boys to busy..

  15. Gametaff


    Even worse than Kash videos