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  1. Race mix = race SH?

    Totally agree with this, SH is the only gamemode who actually needs skill the others are pretty much buying perks and pray for a good car
  2. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Hey wanted to say sorry for the little inactiviy I'm having, I've been kinda busy with exams but I will be able to play regulary in 2 weeks, hope you can understand it
  3. Goodbye MTA..

  4. Screenshot + Video Thread

    One of the best paintjobs so far!
  5. Mix/Race event v2

    Name: Gametaffy Map: [RACE] Turismo Airport
  6. intelzzz's moderator app

    You are a nice guy good luck boi, but your stats weren't necessary nobody wants to see your 4 tops xD
  7. how to put pics next to name in mta???

    logout and then login again it worked for me several times
  8. [AFE] Accelerate For Erect

    Rudy the dog
  9. Deleted Pro maps???

    How to successfully bump a thread that has been dead for more than 4 years
  10. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

  11. Buurman and ChimpieChamp always blocking and ramming

    They have done the same to me several times, especially that ChimpieChamp cunt but what can you expect for a couple of retards who can't race for shit and only play to annoy others? I won't be surprised if they only mark them for an hour and will continue doing the same
  12. How do cars go faster

    Ping doesn't matter, just make sure to have high frame rate and don't be afraid of slowing down at every corner. Also try to know every car handling
  13. Officer_Kash Moderator App

    Such onion app, gl onion