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  1. +rep good music used in streams xD

  2. Gametaff

    Rate the song above you!

  3. Gametaff

    good pic +rep given 🧐

    1. Tear


      aah a man of culture, i see

  4. I'm playing very often, the fact that you don't see me doesn't mean I don't know how things are going on the server. As I said, if you're good enough you should be able to avoid him and any blocker in general. I kinda know how you feel tho there was a time I used to get mad at blockers and rammers and believe me, it's harder for someone who plays with +200 ping, just ask for an admin to mark them as blockers and keep playing. If I can deal with them why you couldn't?
  5. You know, there was a time I used to think Kash was plain retarded and he was annoying as fuck but after months of playing and dealing with his ass you start to realize he isn't that bad, you just need to get used to it
  6. 1000 hours of my life wasted

    Where's my fucking legend award? 😌


    1. Cena


      Its never a waste!

    2. tyfusjap


      1000 hours? pffft amateur

    3. V4POR


      Where is my award too?

  7. Gametaff

    Half Life 3

    I'm still waiting for HL3
  8. Gametaff

    andrex97 Application

  9. Gametaff

    Protected stalkers

    You guys are so fucking lame lmao
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