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  1. Hahahhahaha xDD
  2. what did i just read
  3. 2sad4u nothing is gonna change, cmon keep barking to the air I need more laughs for today btw lemme know if want to get rekt again cuz i've lost the count already xD
  4. Dude, I'm taking barely two minutes to answer unlinke the several edits to every single reply you're making. My ego is alright if you're asking. I succesfully managed to keep your ass here for days already just because you were salty about the ping limit. Guess what, nothing is gonna change so why do you even still trying hard? Nevermind, to finish this I'll use some of your precious non-repetitive cliche troll vocabulary. You can be a whiner, moron, a retard who definitely don't know what ad hominem is (yes he's probably googling it right now) but at least...try to not to be such a stubborn bastard!
  5. A few seconds later... LOL that definitely seemed so serious and clever. Do you were the smartest kid in the class back then? XD
  6. Says the racist, the joke is told by itself lol. My in-game name is the same as here and I'm definitely older than you. You're just speaking "facts" that comes from your little mind since this discussion begun
  7. Dude forget it, he probably needs some attention in house
  8. Yet again you're still digging your own hole as the only one who is hating and whining is you, lol im laughing of how retarded can people be. There is no need to read my shit man, you just have proved yoyrself that you're not even capable of that just cry in a corner waiting for someone to take you out of room, cya in game unless you dont want to get your ass kicked
  9. Then again, if you use your brain a bit, just a bit because i can't expect much from retards you will realise that the only ones who actually whines about ping issues are guys who can't play for shit and ofc they need help because they always get rekt by ppl who are better than them, blame the lag ofc. It must be pretty frustrating being so bad that you need to post in forums to make the server "fair for everyone" oh wait "fair enough for me so i can win cuz i suck dick at this game". I understand your anger, Learn to play, shut the fuck up and stop complaining, otherwise you can go to any other community and see the harmful welcome they will give you
  10. I don't need to fix my lag to kick your ass properly and I'm not even complaining lol, the only ones who cry are ppl like you who can't beat players better than them aka laggers, again, tryhard xd
  11. Then you're so bad that you can't even kill a lagger, lame. Don't like ping limit? Go play somewhere else
  12. ok ok we got it, bye
  13. You're on your way to become the biggest crybaby of this server XD

  14. Most of our members don't even play on Mr.Green anymore but I felt like I should give a little update to this dead topic xD As 27/03/2017: Stolen from:
  15. just... lol xD