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  1. eatmyfap

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    If you need other EatMy offers
  2. Is possible to do a Garry Mods Race Server that includes Green coin system?
  3. eatmyfap

    Old atachments are not working

    Ok at least you can share me mine maps i have in server listed
  4. I will suggest turn server into a GMRace server, this will be more interesting since there are few servers that use it. I can help setting it up.
  5. eatmyfap

    Old atachments are not working

    Well i have some on server. But other are in my forum atachments that cant download. Nts-BigJump Nts-Derby Nts-Hotpursuit 1,2, 3
  6. Hi, i want to download my old maps, but seems none of those attachments are working.
  7. I got this error, how should i change fix the checkpoints to work with nts, colors now doesnt work?? nts mode: Checkpoint #0+1 has no correct nts type (vehicle/air/boat) set
  8. eatmyfap

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I will recommend nts maps for race server, so it will also became more interesting.
  9. Just for be sure, i need to post again all my maps, to be reuploaded???, becuase i have not found mine maps in that database page...
  10. eatmyfap

    Race server - NTS mode as alternative

    Just for knowledge, third party server is allowed to use never the same mode maps???
  11. eatmyfap

    Race server - NTS mode as alternative

    But you dont feel that nts is more a Race mode?? than a mix game mode?? I have that feeling, people that likes nts dislike mis modes, for what i have seen..
  12. eatmyfap

    Race server - NTS mode as alternative

    Then i just think i have bad luck, or WT#, every time i play nts maps are never repeated, and also the most played gamemode seems to be shooter and the new car game mode variation....
  13. Hi you people i want to propose this becuase i was one of the people that played Never The Same map time ago, and i really feel that NTs mode is losing popularity for some reason, can you please consider add NTS as alternative for Race server doing this: Each time you will start a race, players will vote if play map in normal race, or nts race (only maps properly configured should work for this) Do you like the idea, want to support it???
  14. eatmyfap

    Switch game mode order

    Ok i think im confusing where played Race server in nts maps...