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  1. SDK

    Flip system problem

    @Cena https://github.com/MrGreenGaming/MTA-Resources/blob/master/resources/[gameplay]/gcshop/items/items_s.lua It hasn't changed in years and certainly does not run automatically, it happens when you press 1 You can look in your MTA keybinds for gcflipv2 and change the key
  2. SDK

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Quite a surprise, must've been a big decision for both of you. Good luck to both
  3. SDK

    Perk idea: JUMP

    No one asked about it
  4. SDK

    Perk idea: JUMP

    I already made something like that (press 1 or /gcflipv2), it's similar to the change spawn command https://github.com/MrGreenGaming/MTA-Resources/blob/master/resources/[gameplay]/gcshop/items/items_s.lua#L10
  5. I'm the one who added it a long time ago. The idea was indeed to stop teaming, but I didn't want to remove it completely, so it's a 50% chance https://github.com/MrGreenGaming/MTA-Resources/blob/master/resources/[race]/race/modes/shooter.lua#L531
  6. SDK

    Taskbar flashing on map change

    Yep some moron added it like that I added /mapflash so you can disable it
  7. Chroma Squad steam key if someone wants it RF857-MCFE3-J_JQ9 Replace the underscore with a 4
  8. Well you got me intrigued so I added a quick command in the test resource. Everyone can test it out. You need to do it on every map. /lodrange 300 Works really great on titten 2 @hulpje This is the code (yes only one line sue me im a vago) addCommandHandler('lodrange', function(p,dis) for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType'object') do engineSetModelLODDistance(getElementModel(v), tonumber(dis)) end end) I don't think you need to create a new object @Iwasawa, engineSetModelLODDistance only increases the distance attribute of an object before the lod is loaded (or becomes
  9. SDK

    Infernus handle

    Did you disable all graphics enhancements in /settings? Also what is the fps limit on those others servers
  10. SDK

    Infernus handle

    Could be that a map has messed with infernus handling, so I have reset infernus handling to default on both servers. Can you see if your problem is fixed?
  11. SDK


    @Ywa The unread content page does not seem to be accessible Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2S100/2
  12. SDK

    [bug?] Dissapearing top times

    I was looking into it, and it might have something to do with the country system Aleks added to toptimes (player not having a country for some reason)
  13. SDK

    [bug?] Dissapearing top times

    I have checked the log and indeed there was an error when updating your toptime [2017-07-20 11:45:32] WARNING: [race]\race_toptimes\tops.lua:261: dbExec failed; (1062) Duplicate entry '23024-race-ywa-omgwtfbbq' for key 'PRIMARY' Now the question is why, does anyone know if something changed with the map? Edit: well I attempted a fix, let me know if it still happens
  14. SDK

    The Map of 'Slow Roads' in San Andreas

    Apparently it can be disabled in MTA, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled [5:35 AM] Necktrox: extraairresistance - toggle the vehicle speed limit on cross-country roads (default: true)
  15. SDK

    Forum bugged xd

    I checked on my safari and don't have the problem, try disabling addons / private browsing mode?
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