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  1. congratulations grassss

  2. TheGreenGrasshopper

    E3 2012 - Join IRC for live commentary!

    I'm not really looking forward to anything in particular, just hoping for some spectaculair news on... well anything actually. One day, I'm going to the E3 myself. ADVENTUUUURREEEE *flies off*
  3. TheGreenGrasshopper

    League of Legends

    add Dimasre if you feel like playing with me. Still a newbie though, but better than before xD
  4. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Minecraft Challenge by Wezrine

    Instead of taking the advice and changing the flaws or replying decently you decide to go "fuck this shit" and say it was a troll thread.
  5. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Minecraft Challenge by Wezrine

    errr lol k, troll thread it is!
  6. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Minecraft Challenge by Wezrine

    How can you go to end without getting ender eyes? You must craft ender eyes using blaze powder, which is done out of blaze rods, which are found in nether. Doesn't make sense. I'm assuming everything we need has been put in chests around the map, in theory this should be very well do-able. I'll take a look at the map, I think it's kind of a skyblock challenge map but without the danger of falling off. EDIT: Errr, first issue is already that you start in creative mode. How do you change it to survival?
  7. TheGreenGrasshopper


  8. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Project KARA

    indeed, saw ywa like it on facebook and I was truely amazed, I hope they use it somehow real soon.
  9. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Left4Green Faction 1.2

    What are the requirements for being allowed in? As in, is being a mr green member enough and ofcourse the votes or do we need a certain anciety or however the word is.
  10. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Left4Green Faction 1.2

    Flying city seems epic if we could pull it off and make it look like an island in de sky.
  11. TheGreenGrasshopper

    Minecraft discussion

    Why can't we have nice things like this.
  12. TheGreenGrasshopper

    I know you..

    I don't think family guy is pretty funny. You should have stuck with the original text. That's more acurate imo
  13. What's wrong with using a bow and arrow?
  14. TheGreenGrasshopper

    The Forum's Thoughts On MC Server.

    1) people complain about lack of admins 2) admin does his job and checks the server and players 3) players come complain on the forum/in game/ on irc that the admin is abusing 4) admin says balls to to it 5) rinse and repeat The entire faction idea irritates me because this isn't a war, it's a chaos led by retards who think they're awesome and do anything possible to make the entire mc server a living hell. "OMG GIVE US NETHER CLAIM SO WE CAN CLAIM THE NETHER AND MONOPOLIZE THE NETHER WARTS". If everyone on the server would stop whining and complaining for a while and actually try to make some
  15. TheGreenGrasshopper

    The Skyrim Corner (Use Spoiler Tags!)

    Any one of you guys tried out that skyrim online thing? Apparently you can already try it out although it's still in alpha (I think).
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