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  1. Is time real, or is it just a ploy to sell watches and calendars?

    1. Maher


      You be like when you are back:

      "What year is it?:henk:"

  2. Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself, how did it come to this?

  3. ik ben stoopwafel man, wil je dansen?

    1. Mathijs1996


      stoopwafel ?

      Hmm piemelworst

  4. Dr.Minky

    Install Player Heads Plugin!

    *to expand on what I said If you were to set it up the way I said it would encourage much much more open PvP, while still keeping the server in vanilla. People would fight to regain their honour and to get a nice collection of heads to show off how "pro" their faction is (since you minecraft kids love to say how pro you all are). Think of it like TF2. People want to collect hats to show off, but they don't affect the game. Only difference is, other people will take your hats unless you keep playing the game. Could combine it with some way of decreasing other peoples stats too so you dont get overpowered people.. Could be quite refreshing to the server. # oh and youd need to have it time based, so you can only count one kill per 5 minutes or something (otherwise youd just get spawn trapped and a stupidly high kill count) yes this is my first post in like 2 months, shut up
  5. Dr.Minky

    Install Player Heads Plugin!

    Make it so only 1 head is available per player. The 1 head will be given to whoever has killed said player the most times e.g. I kill denby 50 times so I have his head, but then megabananabandit kills him 51 times and so she has his head. Then THAT would be a reaaaal trophy room.
  6. In 12 hours I shall be in the Netherlands OOOOOooOooOOoOHHHH

  7. To anyone that has tf2 stranges they wanna get rid of, http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/7582415

  8. Coming to the Netherlands in February!

  9. Dr.Minky

    Forum software update tomorrow (24th)!

    secret link in the bottom right that leads to http://loopzy.com/files/Nigga.Chicken.Rainbow.swf
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