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    Mr. Green is more than a hobby for me.
    I like to play, I like to chat with people, I like to interact (...) Everything about fun.

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  1. RaaFaaeL

    Post your connection speed

    I had a 15 Mbps connection, so I moved home and spent a few months with a lousy 1 Mbps connection. So for me the difference was huge. Now I deserved the paradise =P It's another experience
  2. RaaFaaeL

    your favorite thing to eat before playn mta

    OMG.... disgusting LOL
  3. Look what happens when I'm flying with hydra in this map that I mentioned. That's annoying. I do not want to like the map without consent.
  4. RaaFaaeL


    New members: Nz|SabrinaBr and Sr_TiPoReII. Welcome
  5. RaaFaaeL

    Show your desktop background!

    Santii looks like you are hipster lol
  6. RaaFaaeL

    What girl do you fancy?

    LooooL it's okay =P she was between 21 - 23 years old in those pictures
  7. RaaFaaeL

    your favorite thing to eat before playn mta

    Potato Bread / Potato rolls
  8. Hey @AleksCore I think someone successfully got rid of your script. Look at the new map "Hell chose infinity by STB". It's a cool map but it has abusive bind key to rate the map.
  9. RaaFaaeL

    What girl do you fancy?

    Post removed
  10. RaaFaaeL

    What girl do you fancy?

    @Kaos San ex girlfriend. Beautiful, I don't know how he left her =(
  11. RaaFaaeL

    New F2

    anyways, looks really nice.
  12. RaaFaaeL

    New F2

    you created this concept? looks cool. :-)
  13. RaaFaaeL


    Hello and welcome Darksouls, Rabo-Marko and KarapTeloS
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