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  1. ChickenAttack

    DD Tournament.

    omgasm I suggest Rise of the Dead
  2. ChickenAttack

    Tournament poll

    DD getting all the love and flipper has seen the light. Praise be! Not just any CTF though, Mower Rampage and Taxi Wars, true hanging gardens of babylon libraries of alexandria of jizz, deleted but hopefully with backups on some obscure russian server somewhere
  3. ChickenAttack


    There's already too much ghostmode as it is, some of u just wanna cover up the servers in one giant big safe flappy rubber condom
  4. ChickenAttack

    Fake Kreator report.

    it isnt that big of a deal, and noam aka twich left and disappeared saying he thought folks hated him, after that ban, so it isnt really anything to celebrate or joke about really. just talk things over and take things easy.
  5. ChickenAttack

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    @SCHWARZENEGGER say cheese motherfapper
  6. ChickenAttack

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    In all its raging glory


    1. ChickenAttack



  8. ChickenAttack

    DLC giveaway

    Your username: flarpfunf Who invited me: ElBananero
  9. ChickenAttack

    Post your funny pics

    LOL wtf
  10. ChickenAttack

    Just take care

  11. ChickenAttack

    muted as always for no rasion

    If admins are using double standards then they're in the wrong. But are they, I'll send this guy in to solve it
  12. ChickenAttack

    muted as always for no rasion

    fafu race
  13. ChickenAttack

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    yes all migrate to the unofficial discord of mrgreen, a place totally not full of resentment and conspiracy theory
  14. ChickenAttack

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    wtf Pregnancy of u mustve been like rainbow out the ass
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