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  1. Tittens?? mi amor?? fapfapfap? 😕

  2. ChickenAttack

    Mix Clan War #5

    Lol cena I'm quite sure you meant june not february xD
  3. ChickenAttack

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Praise be brother! And if I may happen to lose the screenshot in my hard drive, may God Almighty strike me down on this piece of rock on which I stand! All this years of effort have amounted to this great moment!
  4. ChickenAttack

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Docky aka the three Rambos and Kneelzy @SCHWARZENEGGER
  5. ChickenAttack

    Mix Clan War #5

    You better be there culero or i tell the president of Tanzania to put a papaya up your ass
  6. ChickenAttack

    Mix Clan War #5

    Well I dunno what infighting and spergouts went on for MR and AoS to disappear like that but this for FaP Tear de Anthony Carlito Eat-all Me Cena and Alexis if there's no MR team
  7. ChickenAttack

    Mix Clan War #5

    u and @Lauris197 can find ppl on the server that need team and make one or join them, maybe even fap if we dont get enough ppl


    You no cock, you MOOSE


    1. ChickenAttack



      I am water, like you my friend

    2. jack123


      badPingeada miamor wb :hi:

  9. ChickenAttack

    Ownership Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

    This isn't fair. First Reese fishes up a non-problem, now u want people to pay for slots. Why? well because Reese is like crazy auntie on her terrace in quarantine shouting at people in the street, and you wanna monetize even even this, after 50% increases in rerolls and other stuff. You're letting the form acquire the deceptive shape of the substance, like when a dog looks like his owner. And the non-issue, it's non-sensical, because you wanna erase MR which is free enterprise and dominates now, and FaP, which is mostly a list of people that rarely come back to the server but when they do its nice that they still have a clan imo. If this is an actual problem which I doubt, then reese should lobby for more players to join his clan and be friendly to strangers he meets on the server instead of doing the homo lupini lupus routine of having his cloudy hungarian day be ruined by some patagonian with subpar ping. Or in-game balancing of clans should be adopted, but really i prefer free-enterprise, just think about it reese has like no people in his clan, he prefer to just complain here, probably he doesnt want ''noobs'' entering his immaculate sanctuary.
  10. Btw apparently you can merge the premium DLC into your old account https://old.reddit.com/r/EpicGamesPC/comments/gk0eob/copying_gta_v_steam_files_to_epic_games_verison/


  12. ChickenAttack

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    I asked supercharles 2 days ago and he had no idea what sandro was talking about. It was probably lost in translation and charles giving sandro a one liner like RIP Sandro or something. Sandro can't speak spanish either so there's that too, but he thinks he can because there's romanian pop music is obsessed with spanish xD Dongato may have left us out of boredom in 2016 but the bigger factor was probably that it was around the time the ping limit was reduced so it made for a shit experience for south americans. Matrix once told me he was no longer at pc because he had lots of work, some folks just quit completely no middle ground.
  13. ChickenAttack

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    This was misunderstanding, sandro who doesn't know how to speak spanish really, asked supercharles months ago and while supercharles probably said something like he disappeared from server, sandrito misunderstood it as that he was rip in real life too so don't worry And nice video
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