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  1. apparently Morata to Atletico Madrid is gonna happen lel

  2. ChickenAttack

    GCs payment update

    I trade you all my gcs for a 2070, deal?
  3. those profile pics are either yours or @AleksCore_8477's trannies xd



      @Gh0st (aleks) likes trannies I don't so Geeky be quiet ya nab

  4. ChickenAttack


    I do want it that bad, I love ctf. Suggestions to improve? Add DL to CTF make a mix of the two, mix NTS features into CTF, mix DD features into CTF, make maps that encourage teammates to cooperate (like if the CTF flag only has a few entrances and the teammates cooperate by blocking the few entrances) instead of retarded maps where the entrance is plain and easy to get into as if they were made by ctf mappers that couldn't be arsed, get rid of obviously bad CTF maps, add yoshi boost powerups, and others I can't think of right now off the top of my head. I could learn to make maps and make a CTF map if you're looking for new ctf maps
  5. ChickenAttack

    MTA Christmas event!

    I can't make it tonight unfortunately
  6. ChickenAttack


    Add it in if u want but there's no reason to bother ctf, just delete some of the shittier ctf maps CTF isn't to blame for anything, it was here back in the day when there were as many ppl in race as in mix. Outdated is good in many ways, but i'm all for modding and improving the ctf maps or adding fun rules to it Alternate it with SH might be a good idea because if its 2 of these modes then it's not really a mix its more like a fight server, everyone on their own fighting like on most servers or like on race. U can't collaborate with anyone like on dd or ctf Reducing the ping limit is probably to blame for the reduced numbers of players, as it was never made clear to south americans that they had only a night window to play in, and eventually new south american players never replaced the old ones.
  7. ChickenAttack


    People been playing ctf for 8 years without issue, this is just a modded SH. It won a vote from the SH loving pussies years ago too. Make the new game mode alternate with SH as it looks so similar, don't molest ctf Not everything is about winning u know, ctf is more about team play
  8. ChickenAttack


    WTF why are you deleting CTF?
  9. ChickenAttack

    MTA Christmas event!

    Mix: Looney Tunes DD
  10. ChickenAttack

    I want to know why they gave me ban?

    carlitos is nice guy pls unban him xD he says some other guy went in with a mod or something on his pc his name andres
  11. ChickenAttack

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    forgot to join its too late i guess so add me if someone on the list fails to come
  12. ChickenAttack

    Ping Limit Request

    @AnthonyVazquez who was complaining that the ping limit wasn't increasing after 0:00 Netherlands time? @Cena I think it's time to lower the 350 rise limit time to 10pm NL time now. Why? Because numbers in mix have halved this past year and all the care bears that thought laggers messed their pro SH skills are long gone by this hour now. I'll always be very resentful with this change anyways as it killed off folks like DonGato from Chile and eventually the whole bunch of south americans that would fill the server at night. By 1am its empty now, whereas before there was always at least a dozen at 3am. Very sad, but muh competitive types have to compete amirite boyz pff


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    2. CARLOSXD9900


      Fappolo? Or cockero? 

    3. ChickenAttack


      cockero xd


      tu estas baneado o es tu evil twin de race?

    4. CARLOSXD9900


      Será mi gemelo, yo no. 

  14. ChickenAttack

    I want to know why they gave me ban?

    Es carlitos de mix? si es asi dudo que sea cheater si es el heroe fappiano de esta canción
  15. ChickenAttack

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thank you Ywa for all these years And good luck to cena going on forward