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  1. Morata to Chelsea confirmed lmao

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    2. TheMoose


      Jesus I haven't been following english football in ages. The only time I did was when Emile Heskey was their national pick, so that can explain my prejudices xd

    3. TheMoose


      @Maher who is Son?

      Dunno if Mbappe could be good enough for Madrid all I've seen is skills videos on youtube everyone looks good on those

    4. TheMoose


      That being said I doubt english footballs changed. Drogba was just a classier version of Heskey, Torres was shit everywhere except Liverpool. And there was a reason why Capello loved Heskey, cuz english football is about shooting it up the field and getting a beast to protect it, or at least it was until they lost their shitty identity to the Bosman rules.


  2. don't give him ideas. next thing he'll be sent to prison for selling weed to @WesEdit
  3. +69 for this fapmin with a dark powermoose past goodluck mad
  4. Sry guys didn't make it on time. next time ill be there probably
  5. 75% off ets2 until 5th of july, summer steam sales if u wanna buy real cheapo
  6. any specific maps with extra objects and shit, or just cookie ctf maps?
  7. Goodfellas!
  8. Give this fapper mod status! Good luck Maheritooo!
  9. I like what sandy said in the other thread but not fully agree. The line based on the top 1 player would be too much. And I'm not sure if the whole idea is a good one too, but could be interesting to follow ones own line... these lines are designed for colin mcrae rally or dirt racing games which are completely different and involve way more accuracy and drift
  10. do you have a split personality or something? you said you hated it in the other thread.
  11. EMC lives in India, he was probably forced into a marriage by his family and has no time to play anymore. Not all of us are decadent europeans fapping into the sunset of Albufeira sprinkled with music by Madredeus.
  12. If we could combine MH with SH on the same mode it could be a testing ground for MH and it would appease the complaints from SH fanbois, it would kill two birds in one shot. After all, CG was introduced in the place where a SH round used to play.
  13. I think that plan's awesome. Even though i hate sh its obvious a lot of ppl like it a lot so reducing it to 2 round might not be fair. Then again, SH as its replayed so much is doing like DM, taking up too much time and stopping it from being a mix.. Also I don't know what would be more attractive, a mix that's unique and true to binslayers beginnings or just another ip that panders to the big userbase of sh and dm fans out there. It's difficult to say if mix's most popular era which was back then when it had slightly more players than now when we have to compete with a lot more nextgen games, was due to the unique thing mix had or because there were more players on mta back then.
  14. ill try to make small payments in the future and not be my usual self-indulgent self
  15. Dozer is NTS. Delete dozer and you end up with shitty race. #BringbackPotPlant