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  1. Is FiveM gaining traction, how many people are on the servers at any given time? Youtube vids of it seem to have dwindled out recently. GTA Orange is rumored to go out this year, and RageMP is more accessible but less developed than FiveM.
  2. cut their own dicks. We thought we were only circumsized them, but we were wrong.
  3. Fucking perverts. I will go visit Minsk for 4way now, I will stay at @AleksCore house
  4. The mapping history of mix is basically this: the best maps are the controversial ones, less liked, democracy majorities have always sucked in mta and mix, democracy has dragged the server to homogeneity, to being a copy of other servers with less to offer on its own. However maina you should get ur ghostmode on nts down to cp6 not cp69 like u seem to like them!
  5. Also, the lag might not be a real issue, it could be reese's obsession. I haven't seen this radical teleports you're talking about with indians or south americans, let alone middle eastern or turkish, and yet reese is getting criticized by all of these purely on the ping issue. It's one thing to make a comic insult, another to get obsessed over something. And it's one thing to say something is fun when on the other hand u want even lower ping limits and more bans for admin insults, both of which get rid of more fun players. At face value the actual ban is really as simple as Ywa saw a screenie and the regressive left taught him to react like that and say wow this is big time racism... which is lame... but then there are more layers.
  6. I agree with u wessy in that the chat shouldn't be censored at all. Where I was coming in here was about the ping limit which for me isn't an issue. I also don't believe admins should care about being insulted, contrary to reese who wanted more strict rules. That's his double standard. I'm perfectly fine with calling one side dirty cow fuckers and the other side redneck cracker hillbillies, so obviously I don't agree that reese should've been banned for this. So when I said i was tired of the racism that was an accident I hadn't quite read enough into what had happened. However the rest I stand by; because it all makes the server less serious and because insults are actually a healthy thing as they put us all on the same comic level, insults actually are the one thing that undermine identity politics surprisingly enough, as each side has to look at its own dark side instead of thinking their own identity is the dogs balls. Admins should also be resorting to more subtle ways of annoying people who insult them, like muting, killing, freezing and shitting on them, not banning them and turning this into a safe space where the closest thing to Don Rickles is the Huffington Post.
  7. also mix isn't about winning in SH, or slipping in DM under the guise of RTF. its the opposite, its about not giving a shit about winning, hence nts. if it becomes about winning it turns into an autistic macho cesspool like a large percentage of combat games online. ping shouldnt even have been lowered the first time reese asked as it was at FFSgaming's level before and even they're more competitive. mix's charm was MH and it got subbed by SH which is way more competitive and individualistic... things just gradually keep slipping in and eventually absurd threads like this one get made.
  8. when you started playing mix it had no rules what on earth are you talking about? reese you played 5 years or so on mix most of which time had an industry standard 300 ping limit... maybe even on the low side judging from FFS 350 ping. already dropping 300 to 250 because of your complaints in an undemocratic process made a dent in the number of players online and i don't like it at all when classic players come back for a minute and I have to explain to them the hour at which the ping limit is dropped. also i play DD (SH i don't know about as i don't play it) and haven't seen a single issue. And wessy comparing this to the /top 1000 hack is off the charts as that ping caused seconds of lag, not 100 milliseconds, so it's uncalled for. DD is a slow game so 100ms ping difference is even less noticeable. and no indian guy has said lag power to me, he prolly trolling u while u curse at him. As for all this rage and drama I'm a bit tired of it, like I'm tired of the climate of increasing penalties which you yourself were calling for a couple of weeks ago. Many people on the server are still around without the highs and lows that some of you like doing by rage quitting and posting it on the forums like Sky who unceremoniously decided to start insulting the site. I far prefer the ppl who don't report at the slightest insult, the people who don't insult racist things on the server over and over again and the ppl that don't rage quit or put up big admin dramas. I see the internet gets that out of people as they sit in front of their pc it all becomes too abstract, but I'm obstinate in my belief, from what i see too, that there's another side that is far more relaxed and easy-going.
  9. That's Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. Armageddon.
  10. of course i'm le fap yoda... nothing more fap worthy!
  11. Sleepy Hollow?
  12. No idea. The Opening of Misty Beethoven?
  13. I looked up the complaint and in retrospect i guess it makes sense that it was pay2win on a mode like DD. Unfortunately, it should've been made default on CTF imo, maybe even on DD as default for everyone, and in other modes where it made no difference at all
  14. I just went to FFS and asked them what ping they had. They said 350 on SH and 300 on DD, 300-350 on others and some rooms even no ping limit. So what is your point? Why was ping limit lowered to 250 anyways? Oh yeah, on complaint thread set up by reese... You think suddenly rooms will fill up because only western and central europeans can play on the precious server with a ping limit of 100? What's enough for you specialists and pros? Server was fine for years on ping limit 350 anyways, and SH wasn't around for most of mix's life. Why would a massive server like FFS have such a high ping limit without issues, I can think of either two reasons, or this is a total non-issue or mrgreen never fixed a latency issue as 3 or 4 years ago it hadn't and I played on mrgreen instead of ffs as the latency limit there would kick me on my shitty community wifi, but I think it did. So either way, the ping limit today at 250 is already too low. Some of us play at night now that the 350 ping limit is unfairly cornered into a tiny time slot, and nobody complains. It used to be just like that but during the day too. Also south americans or middle easterns don't win DD and SH more than other people. so where's this bullshit theoretical advantage? Nowhere.
  15. Massivefap +1 It was always great and made lots of sense on ctf. It hurt nobody dunno why it went.