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  1. Mix/Race Event

    ingame nick: lecock [ctf] fun
  2. Morata is killing it at Chelsea 2 goals and 2 assists in 1 and a half games :/

    1. Maher


      Arsenal got banged AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. RealJesus


      Did fuck-all against us, will do fuck-all against any decent team with a proper defense. He did good against Everton because their back-three is Keane, Ashley Williams and Jagielka, all slow and mediocre defenders. 

  3. Does anyone know if hamachi has stopped working? Lowis wants to make a map with me and he says it isn't working for him.
  4. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Nice guy. Good luck Dannizz aka FLUPzz
  5. AssNtitties Admin Application xd

    ROFL! In an ideal world, Ass you'd make a great admin! Can't fap and like this post enough!

    (surely at least work 10 million euro on jesus was a fapper scale?)

    1. RealJesus


      ter stegen should have saved that goal; his goal in the first leg was amazing though

    2. Maher


      asensio future for madrid 

      what a 2 bangers in first leg and second

  7. ETS Convoy on Friday 28th of July

    cenafail xD
  8. Morata to Chelsea confirmed lmao

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    2. RealJesus


      Son is a Spurs player, he's good, but he's one-dimensional as fuck, he's one hell of a finisher though.

    3. Maher


      Min Son, A korean player plays for spurs, a hell of a finisher...

    4. RealJesus
  9. Mad's admin app

    don't give him ideas. next thing he'll be sent to prison for selling weed to @WesEdit
  10. Mad's admin app

    +69 for this fapmin with a dark powermoose past goodluck mad
  11. Sry guys didn't make it on time. next time ill be there probably
  12. 75% off ets2 until 5th of july, summer steam sales if u wanna buy real cheapo
  13. 3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    any specific maps with extra objects and shit, or just cookie ctf maps?
  14. Guess the movie!

  15. Maher's Moderator Application

    Give this fapper mod status! Good luck Maheritooo!