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  1. 8/10
  2. Sry couldn't be there these hours aren't the best for me. Hope it was fun and thanks for hosting it
  3. Donde estas? fap fap fap:wave:

    1. TheMoose


      ¿Aqui? :ninja:


      Mañana entro a fapear, hoy no puedo


      Fappfapfpapfap :wave:

  4. did not fappen. However a giant banana
  5. @gnappo @TheRealJesus @jack123 Fap the pongi + 10 Hail fappys thanks
  6. You must be happy that Real won La Liga; but hopefully they lose the CL final and Buffon lifts it. CBA people rating Zidane as a good manager for winning the CL back to back and the double. 

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    2. BlueYoshi97


      Europa League is where it's at

    3. TheMoose


      Mou chosen one is in the building

    4. RealJesus


      The Dutch failing to do the world a favor, how unsurprising, goddamn U-21 Ajax side :( but dw Juanito, I don't like Juve either, but I prefer them to Real

  7. OMGASM. Preach it to the fap, Maher. They even made a movie about our cave.
  8. Gremlins!
  9. Skyblue you making less sense than an orangutan at oxford. Binslayer made ctf and kept it, later admins took mh off he didn't, later admins added sh, he also had no admins in mix and half the players would block while the others would try to complete nts. It was hilarious, but ''a server with rules'' it certainly wasn't. You should drink less of that mexican moonshine.
  10. No way. DD was probably introduced soon after the beginning of the server. And it probably was modified when NTS came along, to become DD/NTS. NTS came way way way long before SH, as in years, because MH was sitting around for a long time too.
  11. NTS and NTS/DD fit better on a CTF-RTF-MH server than they do on a SH/DM. Those last two are your favorite modes, and they're also a lot more widespread on MTA, where they are also a lot more popular. DM in RTF is one you love too, despite how it causes way more afk and logoffs than 2 or 3 minutes of CTF, as many can't complete them, especially at night. Nobody's questioning that out there in the wild your modes are more popular. What I'm saying is that that's not what mix is. And for a server that manages to go through nearly full nights with a dozen people consistently for years and still does so, and averages 3 dozen during the daytime you sure are putting up a tantrum, putting up your own special thread and all just for you, as if this is all become a fashion trend like reese. You lost a vote, what else do you want. Code an extra room yourself and you'll just empty the rooms as we can barely fill one room up as it is, which is a good achievement but don't push your luck as you become just a clone of the many servers out there with rooms. Fill it up with SH and it's just another SH/DM server of the hundreds out there.
  12. How about you send SH to the ghetto instead. CTF belongs with all honors in mix, it past the test and got lots if not most of the support, it was part of Binslayer's original vision which SH was not. Here, make a room with new shits like DM and SH for the skilful lads that wanna blow shit up and learn every nook and cranny of a DM map, and we keep to mix's definition, which is more DD-CTF-NTS-MH-RTF than it has to do with the parts you're trying to turn mix into.
  13. BRING BACK CTF TAXI WARS!!! (if taxi wars was the map with golf carts on two bridged skyscrapers) (and that ctf where the jeeps would get into a massive traffic jam in an underground parking)
  14. How many topics do you have to open to try to take CTF down? The other thread actually was a win for pro-CTFers, what were you expecting it was going to be a home-run? It's not that simple. CTF is way older than SH is on mix, and it was CTF that was around back when mix had an attendance that was higher than it is today. Maybe it fell in numbers because next gen games kept piling up to compete against it, nobody knows. But back then there also was no SH in mix too. And the funnest CTF maps were deleted by one or two previous admins just because he or they happened to hate CTF. I get it some of you think you're all pro and serious and stuff and that that's you all being grown up and shit, and CTF is such terrible cancer to you cuz you can't stand the sight of not competing and applying your honed up skillset... and the terrible trauma of getting crashed into by a teammate is on the verge of making you make a twitter account to become a politician... Most CTF maps barely last 2 or 3 minutes as the flags are easy to get and you don't like it but yet you're perfectly fine trying to slip in hard RTF/DM maps that take 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Complaining about your agony at all the time lost and the eye cancer this harmless mode is giving you is ridiculous.
  15. Frequency of playing these days doesn't account for much as DM is creeping into the server more and more, breaking the flow as most of us can't complete the maps and often that's between 10 or 30 minutes lost, as by then so few people are left online and most are afk that then the majority votes to replay RTF. Plenty of the people who voted to keep CTF are total addicts these days too. CTF should have health transfer and better maps is all, not everything has to be about competing and busting things up your own.