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  1. Antz

    The future of ZS in general

    I was so young when I was active in this community, thanks for such a great childhood/Teenhood you guys!
  2. Antz

    A small tribute to Deluvas

    Holy shit man... RIP..
  3. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Special items/weapons should have a % chance to be spawned with a player. This way everyone has the very slim chance to spawn with a mid tier weapon. This will encourage players to increase their odds of spawning with a weapon by increasing their classes level by playing a specific class they enjoy a lot. Obviously this cannot be fully implemented until the leveling system has been introduced. I've made the chances slim enough so it is an uncommon blessing to be spawned with these weapons, after all, some people may not (such as noobs) may not ever get to see these weapons, but can still spawn with them and use them. I was thinking: Support: Lvl 1: 3% Lvl 2: 5% Lvl 3: 10% Lvl 4: 13% Lvl 5: 15% Lvl 6: 20% Chance to spawn with any low level shotgun (chipper) Commando: Lvl 1: 3% Lvl 2: 5% Lvl 3: 10% Lvl 4: 13% Lvl 5: 15% Lvl 6: 15% Chance to spawn with any rifle (aug (25%), m4 (25%) , ak (25%), galil (25%)) Medic: Lvl 1: 3% Lvl 2: 5% Lvl 3: 10% Lvl 4: 13% Lvl 5: 15% Lvl 6: 20% Chance to spawn with any medium tier pistol (deagle (50%), revolver (50%)) Engineer: Lvl 1: 3% Lvl 2: 5% Lvl 3: 10% Lvl 4: 13% Lvl 5: 15% Lvl 6: 15% Chance to spawn with a turret Some buyable perks I think that should make a return: Last man stand - Given an end game weapon when you are the last survivor, the weapon depends on your class chosen: Commando - m249 Support - xm1014 Medic - m249 Engineer - Pulse Rifle Berserker - Katana This perk made it fun being last survivor, it also gives you a weapon which (in this type of zombie survival would be hard to buy as you have to stand at the crate) usually be difficult to obtain as last man.
  4. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    I'm not talking about the gameplay in this video, only the view models and using this video as an example on how to do view models correctly.
  5. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Liking the gameplay changes so far Aswell as the gameplay, I feel like how much you can customize your own game should also be increased. The current view models on the game I'm not a fan of, I think they are way too "in your face" (after all this is what the ironsights are for right? not the hip view) especially with the magnum and some of the pistols, this video shows a good way to do view models; tucked away in the bottom corner where you can still see most of what is going on around you (thanks pufu xD) Also, not a huge fan of the new gmod 13 viewmodel hands anyway, I prefer the old ones, so an option would be good to add ^^ So I suggest that you have an option that allows client to use the counterstrike view models if they want, or have a slider to allow clients to customize their weapon_fov
  6. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    yeah wasn't the server connected to gameme?
  7. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    No idea xD
  8. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Thanks a lot Duby, and it's fine, It was fun playing it last night and I'll try and help in whatever way I can
  9. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    I'm really liking what has happened so far with the current version of the gamemode However, there are a few things that I think need to be rectified: Many, MANY of the guns are very poorly balanced this makes it so everyone will buy a certain gun because of how cost effective it is: The spawn pistols are terrible (given they are the default weapons you are given, however this makes it so everyone will use the pulse pistol because of how they can start with it as engineer and that it has infinite ammo), they either need to see a small buff or the pulse pistol needs someway to make it seem worse xD Also, the new PYTHON REVOLVER is wayyyy too loud and wayyyy too powerful. Many of the shotguns for whatever reason are extremely accurate either when standing up or when crouching, this needs to change asap as this is obviously incorrect. I feel like that because shotguns are so different, including a separate circular crosshair (as seen in a few other zombie survival versions and other games) would make them a bit more different. Many of the rifles are either extremely accurate (sg 552) or extremely inaccurate (galil) and I have no reason why xD they should have some sort of mid ground on accuracy and higher than usual damage. Some of the classes have an easier time getting SP than others. Support and medic (I know are the most useful aswell) can shit on commando when it comes to getting SP. This makes commando completely made redundant as you'll get stuck with the shitty starter pistol and have a really hard time getting SP when all of the supports and medics have big guns as they can heal the cade and heal other humans. Going commando has no benefit when you can go medic and get SP much easier.... Atm, I think medic is broken as it is a class you can run and gun with and have no problems (i'm all for run and gun, but this is rediculous xD) Engineer's pulse pistol starting weapon.... wat. This should be a "chance-to-spawn-with" weapon as a weapon with infinite ammo in a game mode where ammo is so difficult to get is a no brainer when deciding what gun to have. Engineers also makes support semi redundant as you don't necessarily need a cade as engineers spawn with cading kits (i don't think they should... makes no sense when theres a class dedicated to cading), and even if you don't have a crate one will spawn anyway :/ Commando... is there any point to this class atm? Berserker - haven't tried it so I can't say anything. Some other game changing things I think need to be given light: I don't think the crate should be a player owned thing, mobile supplies - sure! that can be player owned, but this should also be a "chance to spawn with" item so we don't tonnes of players spawning with mobile supplies. However, the arsenal crate just calls for griefers who can just take the crate and take it wherever they like, or just get themselves killed with the only crate. I think the crate should spawn randomly on the map (this also works now as you can morph out of the cade to find the crate during the wave endings) and the players have to find it using an arrow that points towards it, or using silhouettes of the crate seen through walls. I feel like this would prevent cade camping while also adding variety to maps (such as jail, everyone knows where to cade in this map, atleast make it different by making people have to move out of the cade). If there is gonna be classes, they need more benefits using their own types of weaponry, and I think there should be classes tabs in the arsenal crate (like killing floor 2 has done), so players know what weapon is more useful to what class. Ammo is WAY TOO SCARCE, I don't find it fun having to wait to use mobile supplies, having to use my only SP I have on ammo... it's just not fun... It makes the game seem tedious and unrewarding :/ Also, the assist system is broken... it doesn't seem to know when an assist should be rewarded to zombies (which is really annoying when someone steals your kill as a zombie despite doing +50 dmg to them) and sometimes humans too, which, with the current ammo situation is frustrating as well. OKAY! well, If I have anything else to add i'll be sure to add it to this!
  10. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Thank you!
  11. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    oh shit! didn't know xD what's the IP?
  12. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Jesus christ the flaming... in other news, it's still not up? Is Ywa still not around? xD
  13. Antz

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    So when will it be live?
  14. Antz

    Mr.Green Suggestions To-do List.

    Radavec has quite a few good ideas actually, I feel like the game has to be a bit more user friendly, like he said, I also preferred it when sp was shown next to a kill and it is given the appropriate reason as to why that SP was awarded, such as for headshots and such. I feel like the old way that the game ran (kills for sp, certain amount of sp gave you a gun upgrade depending on your class, and the amount of zombies:humans ratio affected what guns would be given at the supply crate, this also made choosing your class more important as it would affect what weapons you'd get in the later game, now however, any class can get any weapon easily) worked so much better than the SP shop system (I think this slows down the game and also makes the game much more linear as people can buy the same guns every game if they wanted to, a weapon being randomly awarded to you varied the game play more) as I think buying guns in a menu is slower paced, the old way mr.green did it was unique and now I think every zombie survival server thinks buying weapons from a supply crate is the way to go...
  15. hey Antz could you back me up on the regulars reimbursement i used to play in 2009 - 2014 my old name was turska and i know alot of the old zombie stuff if you need more information and btw i did not have a picture where i was playing the old mr green but ask me

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