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  1. SkyBlue

    Rate the song above you!

    0/10 i made this video so i had to put it here obviously.
  2. SkyBlue

    What girl do you fancy?

  3. can we have a rpg sv pls

  4. SkyBlue

    My paintjobs for free

    where are my pjs mfkr
  5. SkyBlue

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    New clips from pondfiller pov
  6. Actually i've been thinking... Since when Mariana knows english? she cant even write spanish properly and shes from argentina, how could she write in english now? something is wrong here. 

  7. SkyBlue

    Rate the song above you!

  8. SkyBlue

    other player insulted me

    thats mariana, she.. i mean.. he...it, has no brain.
  9. SkyBlue

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    I did my first mta streaming yesterday and this happened
  10. SkyBlue

    Sharing my old/unused paintjobs.

    im sure gtasa doesnt have brembo brakes, they brake like shit.
  11. SkyBlue

    The Lords Streets

    best translation ever
  12. SkyBlue

    Should I leave MrGreen Gaming (SERIOUS)

    this community is giving me so much cringe
  13. SkyBlue

    Rate the song above you!

  14. when is boyka going to kill himself