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  1. Rate the song above you!

    6/10 not in this kind music rn mexican art
  2. Request to join the admin

    no. same with nitro
  3. Rate the song above you!

    7/10 the song reminds me gh3 so..
  4. yoshis "new" maps

    i think they are shit too
  5. My paintjobs for free

    Alright nobody asked anything so i make u a favor, could you make me a paintjob with this elements? btw, idk how to make [boxes] anymore since the reply box on forum is shit so deal with the multiple pictures. This is my actual pj so you now you know what am i looking for
  6. Nitro color works sometimes and sometimes dont, i dont play mix so idk about rockets.
  7. f'ed up with paintjobs

  8. Did i went to far? 


  9. New horn suggestion thread

    Jokes are supposed to be fun, you are just shameless. Hope you get cancer in your blood just like Nitrox. jokes
  10. intelzzz's moderator app

    Can someone tell me how a mapcleanup is going to make better the server? I'm not critizicing you or your app, i just don't know how is the server going to be better if you delete maps, it's not a pro racers, clanwars or skill server, it is a casual racing server. Also there have been already deleted a big amount of maps from both of the servers because people just call them "shit" or "boring" and i still seeing less players everytime. From my opinion the Mix server keeps growing up because they have lot of maps, gamemodes, customizations and staff aware of it, also, when kalibwoy was around here the server had a peak of improvement and players. I guess we dont need more admins, we need developers.
  11. New horn suggestion thread

    Hey, can someone tell me the rules of the horns upload? Why were my horns declined and who decides if it gets uploaded or not? I got my horns declined by this guy but i dont see him as an admin in forums, my pull hasnt been answered by an admin or developer. I would like to know who has the rights to choose or not choose the horns before i waste time making them, because as you can see in this screenshot is not like i waste hours making them but i dont download a youtube video and then upload it again like the rest of them. Thanks.
  12. What does the gray dot below your name means? 

    1. Maher


      It means that you did 500 posts and above. 

      Every 500 posts u do the more dots will be 



      so make more posts and fill the dots up

  13. Rate the song above you!

    tired of that shit / 10
  14. Who removed the F*ck My A** horn?

    I want my Voice Chat refund please.