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  1. Buurman

    Top/least favourite race mappers [BETA]

    I don't think you should necessarily reduce the number. Just remove (literally) unplayable maps. The thing that keeps MTA and more specifically Mr. Green awesome is the infinite amount of content. Many of the 'good' maps is just more of the same. Shitty mappers like myself tend to keep things interesting because it makes racing more diverse and in some cases allows new comers also a chance for top 3 finishes. Thanks a lot, V4POR.. Thats exactly what I mean. Love to see my name on the list, unfortunately its on the wrong side of the list, but I'm sure there are some (rare) people that do
  2. Buurman

    How is everybody doing?

    Knullekee, im back aswell btw. I just cba to make a topic like Knul, the attentionwhore.. Joke m8 That was my first post btw since ever, how is that for an OG?
  3. Buurman

    Buurman and ChimpieChamp always blocking and ramming

    People like startseva and kash are just a couple of butthurt kids who, when they get the chance, take a swing at anyone in order to become remarkable towards admins. They are provoking by complaining when you only breathe their way.
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