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  1. Dope music mixes

  2. Rate the song above you!

    im exited to see your interest in german folklore, so i bring you this
  3. Rate the song above you!

    didnt listen/10 www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2n9He5m74Q
  4. 10 years, since the good days

    not tryin to shit on your nostalgia parade, but there are better games than zs that have died over the time. let it go.

  6. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    a few maps you should consider reuploading (theres worse reuploads): - Tite-Fit - MTA king Map - Saint Boulevard Drag BETA1 - youarecum.by.Darkshadow theyre all classic maps and very playable.
  7. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    lets see how you react, when you actually drive a good time, get miracously overtaken by someone whos faster in the same car, who then proceeds to block you by failing 10 times. only to drive the top1 in the end. i hope all their tops get deleted and they stop with their ridiculous excuse of "fsb.exe". good riddance. why would you even make this shitty thread, when they are obviously cheating. it makes no fuckin sense whatsoever. the fact that robas for a long time tried to make it look legit by timing it, is also a dead giveaway. they both know very well, what they are doing.
  8. cheated tops

    thats why i made this thread. admins should at least be so responsible as to keep an eye on that and delete those tops.
  9. cheated tops

    can we at least get to the concensus that those tops are not legit and should be deleted? especially the one on "goin_down2". that ones the biggest bullshit ever.
  10. cheated tops

    fair enough if its not their fault, but an actual mta bug. still very annoying.
  11. cheated tops

    he overtook me with his sandking goin faster than mine and then did the top with 10 fails. same goes for a bunch of other maps. theres a few people who have shown up on the server with the same bullshit. also, mosh knows about this. ask him, why he thinks its not a big deal.
  12. cheated tops

    what does it matter how hes doin it? its cheating and he uses it to drive toptimes.
  13. cheated tops

    i used the /report function and im pretty sure someone picked it up.
  14. cheated tops

    so i watched ras aka whatever cheat the top on "going_down2", i reported him and not only is his top still there, the guy is to this day pullin the same on other maps. id like to have an explanation on why admins do not react to obvious cheaters?