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  1. /ignore does wonders and would have saved you a lot of time.
  2. id have no problem to hit the gas button on those people/10
  3. alright, cool. can Rombess_Island_v6 be fixed? that was a nice map.
  4. krr/10
  5. can someone consider reuploading these maps: - Big washing machine - Pachanga_ The last map of 2010 - Wipe2Infernus - Tite-fit - speeders - MTA King map - Doubleroad - Race to Jabba's Palace - San Fierro Sky Road - Pachanga_ Viperino theyre all classic maps, no idea why you would delete them in the first place (rating doesnt matter in these cases)
  6. apples and oranges. and disagree, the only "pro" i can think of, who actually plays with a controller is hijack. most maps are a pain in the ass to play without mouse.
  7. well, maybe a bit exxagerated, but what cant you exploit in mta? from fps to ping, to resolution. im just hopin to play on a leveled playinfield one day. if that makes sense.
  8. alright, forget it. shouldnt post threads when drunk
  9. assnapkin
  10. do yourself a favor and call it a day. see ya tomorrow.
  11. isnt that kristine singing? and ariana grande looks even cheaper with 80s hair. 7.467/10
  12. bla/10