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  1. lol, that song is playin so much on the radio here(or has)... 6/10
  2. whats with the fuckin fb badabing idk/10
  3. you better not watch that tom cruise movie then. (i shall not mention its name).
  4. if you associate the word monkey with race, youre racist.
  5. i sincerely hope you didnt cheat and correct.
  6. heres a hard one
  7. push it to the limit. its scarface. for those who didnt get the fredo reference in post above, movie was godfather:part2. my pic was kingpin. stick to the rules ^^
  8. dude, listening to the same song all the time makes your brain doodoo/10
  9. oh cmon mosh, thats fredo gettin fragged.
  10. glad no one touched this, so i can rate it myself. nippooon/10
  11. interesting. i know the movie, but i never heard that song. not sure what to think of it by now/10
  12. lets see who gets this one hehehe.
  13. was my guess too. either that or jason and the argonauts.
  14. correctamundo.