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  1. Buurrman

    Clan war tournament #1

    i have no idea of this :O (Nee) EDIT: i guess i am team yoshi gonna win!
  2. Buurrman

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    DD and mix
  3. Buurrman

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    WOOHOO car attack please
  4. Buurrman

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    wonas party
  5. Buurrman


    Goodluck lechu we need it
  6. Buurrman

    MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    [HGF]Nee: DD car attack - DD car attack random markers
  7. Buurrman

    Mix/Race Event

    ingame nick: [HGF]Nee Map: looney toons
  8. Buurrman

    ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Goodluck, mix server needs it!
  9. Hello random Dutch guy I know sadly

  10. Buurrman

    And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Saying he is autistic sure sounds like you are tying to insult him to me
  11. Buurrman

    And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Stig muted a guy who was spamming random stuff and not even there to play, you got muted for insulting stig more then once and he warned you a couple of times greetings from a fellow player
  12. Buurrman

    Mad's admin app

    Goodluck mad, MTA needs you!
  13. Buurrman

    *Official Event Mix Server*

    [DD] car attack!!!
  14. Buurrman

    Capture The Flag - Stay or Remove?

    more dd
  15. Buurrman

    Nibje Mod application

    Goodluck nibje!!