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  1. Screenshot + Video Thread

    wonas party
  2. Admin

    Goodluck lechu we need it
  3. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    [HGF]Nee: DD car attack - DD car attack random markers
  4. Mix/Race Event

    ingame nick: [HGF]Nee Map: looney toons
  5. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Goodluck, mix server needs it!
  6. Hello random Dutch guy I know sadly

  7. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Saying he is autistic sure sounds like you are tying to insult him to me
  8. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Stig muted a guy who was spamming random stuff and not even there to play, you got muted for insulting stig more then once and he warned you a couple of times greetings from a fellow player
  9. Mad's admin app

    Goodluck mad, MTA needs you!
  10. *Official Event Mix Server*

    [DD] car attack!!!
  11. Capture The Flag - Stay or Remove?

    more dd
  12. Nibje Mod application

    Goodluck nibje!!
  13. Merry Christmas!

  14. r0cK's Admin Application

    Why aren't you a admin yet?? GL hihi
  15. omg nee u fail so badly if u hadnt invented fake camping accusations this wouldnt have happened

    1. Buurrman


      I literally have no idea what you mean with fake accusations, but let the higher ups  deal with it i would say no reason for war

    2. TheMoose


      You mean Higher ups like aleks you hypocrite... obviously you're hiding behind cena and mad when u made fake camping accusations

    3. Buurrman


      Aleks was in my sight acting on behalf of his friends but that part is over so im not going in to that and come on false accusations you know better lol+ that was by far not all you might be right on some things ofcource but if you ask me you deserved a good ban.

      im gonna stop commenting here so if you want things sorted out ask me ingame