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  1. Mansen

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    This is some amazing news! Cant wait to try it out. Hit me up if you need help with the HUD.
  2. A good suggestion for berserk -Would be cool to see the charge ability, like in tf2 when your the demoman. So it increase the meel damage to 50% on the zombies this will only work, for around 5 mins per charge. For commando -You'll have the ability to see the zombies health how much they have, like in KF I don't think if that gonna change anything but it seems a good thing to add. Ye.
  3. Duby72, you seems like a cool guy. Well good luck!
  4. Mansen

    The real freeman Admin Application - ZS

    Oh. My.Freeman my old friend. Good Luck ^^
  5. Mansen

    Hats from the community

    I want a Swedish viking helmet please would be awesome! Or just some more updates I really don't know like second chance or something :/
  6. Mansen


    I have a question I have been donating here on mr green on my another account can you move my badge to this account? Or I just donate agien
  7. Mansen


    Nice Ywa good job! Sorry if I'm asking you bid I would like to have "Old ZS Player". Or something other yea, it depends
  8. Mansen

    Recent changes. (not a rant)

    Yes, the killing system was very good. Bring it back!
  9. Mansen

    Naseer - Admin Application

    Good Luck!
  10. Mansen

    Old zs back

    I will like to have old classes back. I know it will take some weeks to develop the old one. I hope it comes back!
  11. Long time no see! Sorry, I haven't been on since a month ago.

    1. rui_troia


      Wellcome back!

  12. Sorry, I haven't played at mr green for a while! Today I will play with all my friends :)

  13. I really like ZS! So I gonna bring some members, from my friendlist and bring them to the zs. :)

    1. Reiska


      and imma beat their asses to the ground

    2. rui_troia


      reiska stahp dominating good god, you're hunting all my victims

  14. Mansen

    hey hey

    Good Video! Make more of them.
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