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  1. xpr0legendx

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    xpr0legendx - Added
  2. Kodauer used to run the official mrgreen server, but stopped due to a few things. Can't remember what they were, but I believe he made a thread about it somewhere. After that mrgreen (Ywa at the time) was no longer willing to let us use the domain name play.minecraft.nl, which was the reason I, together with some other admins, decided to run a server that was not affiliated with mrgreen. I mainly did the configs of plugins while others made the spawn area for the server. And yeah, minetest is quite fun
  3. Interesting. The Minecraft server Mr. Green used to have was unique and in my opinion the best server I have ever seen and played on. There is no server that comes anywhere close to the theme Mr. Green used to have. It was a faction wars server, with limited plugins, but the ones it did have made it a very special server. The majority of the servers you see today have 'kits' that allow a quick start and let you start with powerful items. The server of Mr. Green had none of that. It was about grinding, building a base with your faction members, raid and defend your base against others.
  4. xpr0legendx

    VIP system!

    Let me know when you do
  5. xpr0legendx

    New MrGreen Minecraft Server!

    A long time ago, shortly after the 'official' server went down, I requested to relaunch an official minecraft server for mrgreengaming. This request was declined by Ywa, despite his promise to, and I qoute, "will do my utmost best to make that happen", with 'that' referring to bringing back the minecraft server. I will state the reason for his decision below. The reason there has never been a new 'official' server is because Ywa wouldn't gain anything out of it. When I asked him if we could use the domain of the orginal 'offiicial' server (play.minecraft.nl), his response was the follo
  6. Forgot my skype password, sent you my new skype & Discord username in a pm

    1. Kodauer
    2. Kodauer


      wait i dont see a message

    3. xpr0legendx


      whoops! guess i forgot to send the message :unsure:

  7. Make a new topic with all the details? :-)
  8. xpr0legendx

    Help me out

    Didn't read all posts, but I recommend looking at your CPU temperature while playing the game. Might happen because your CPU is overheating
  9. xpr0legendx

    [POLL] What to do about bad maps?

    Agree with you on that besweet
  10. xpr0legendx

    [POLL] What to do about bad maps?

    Just going to put my thoughts about the matter out here. I would like to start out with poiting out that your argument about people not complaining on the forum is irrelevant and not valid. People are complaining, both on the forums and ingame. Currently, on both servers, you can either choose to like or dislike the map after playing one. There are several maps where an overwhelming majority has selected the option to dislike the map. The dislike option obviously represents the amount of people who are in favor of its removal. I have to admit that there may be a few players who are not as
  11. xpr0legendx

    Help me recover my account

    Right. For some reason I thought he was talking about his TF2 items (Steam account). Most likely happend due to the database crash as SDK mentioned above.
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