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  1. A noob training at sf by night

    decently made video, but you could have aimed for a cleaner run to include
  2. intelzzz's moderator app

    Yeah, I'd mute spammers.
  3. intelzzz's moderator app

    Much thanks!
  4. intelzzz's moderator app

    Server: MTA Race (No MIX) Age: 19 Country of origin: Latvia Discord name: intelzzz#4784 IGN: intelzzz So this is it, I have finally decided to try out applying for mod. I have been playing on this server for a long time now, gotten somewhat decent at racing by this servers standards. So why should I be mod? Cause most of the current staff is from Mix which if I by any chance get accepted plan to not moderate at all unless by request/lack of other staff (Mix only players - please do not leave your opinions on me in this topic, you don't even know me.) Also in my opinion current race staff do not do their jobs fully. (no offense/name calling to anyone of the staff here, I actually kinda like how chill the server is) Generally, I play for 2+ hours everyday on weekdays at evenings CET time and sometimes even up to 5-6 hours on the weekends, seems like prime time hours for the server, but in fact as I'm typing this there are no staff online on race at 10pm CET. I'm pretty tech savvy and stuff also, so I can help out newer players with a lot of issues easily. Also people might say I am rude sometimes but I have been trying to behave lately (khem, kash its time to post your thousands of screens here) F10 screen if it has relevance. 90%+ of play hours are real, i do not idle much. I should have like 100-200 more from back when they weren't counted even (old f10 screen)
  5. napoleon

  6. napoleon

  7. napoleon

    i'm sure all of you know of this guys behavior, just please mute this faggot already, constantly spams chat insults and rambles nonsense, also blocks but i have no evidence for that. looks like he does not want to play here. i will post more screens as i play, gathering shit on this guy is not hard at all, as he spews stupid ass shit constantly
  8. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    kinda makes sense, but seeing like 70-90 players in 1 server at the same time would be cool.
  9. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    intelzzz [RACE] infernusjumpthecreek [RACE] apina I agree with yoshi, they should be held one after the other so people can attend each event, it would unify both of the servers for once. An event server capable of playing all gamemodes including race would be epic, but thats probably impossible to do since the event is already happening tommorow.
  10. Rate the song above you!

    both are classics, 9/10 and 8/10 respectively if anyone recognizes from what the instrumental may have been sampled off on this, please tell me. i swear i have heard that before
  11. Story of your avatar

    Self created cause of the 3 z's in nickname. Made to be material design (darker blue shadow), but added some other shit to make it seem cooler somehow (darkest blue).
  12. Mix/Race Event

    IGN: intelzzz Map: Hell Choose Me xd
  13. Hey there

    hi so um my nick/name whatever is intelzzz and you probably don't know me, i must be playing since 2011 or 2012, definetely was before mix. Also im a hopelessly mediocre driver, if i try im almost always top5 tho. So yeah thats almost it, can't name people I like or not cuz I dont know anyone much here lol. So after 3 years of playing i probably should start to know somebody. I have donated some euros, but only to annoy kids on MIX buying NTS maps all the time. Also only last week i discovered who are the admins of the server and there are so many that i shouldnt swear so much, but i fucking hate dying when being 2nd, so yeah cant help it.