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  1. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    The point is you have been reported for falsely banning people before, and you still boast your powers and treat normal players like lesser beings, I notice that pattern among other mix admins too. Also the fact that you put free speech in quotes and call a players honest opinion fake, which in fact many other players agree with is alone kinda fucked up, man
  2. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Fuck off, I have been also playing since 2012. If i don't play on mix like your kiddie friends doesn't mean i'm not here. why is mix the main server anyways, Race has more players online 90%+ of the time with less AFKers. edit: nice, so now you do not want free speech here also, if you get triggered by peoples opinions you should get help my dude. the screen perfectly describes the absolute state of the servers edit2: listening to the community since 2009
  3. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I will read the whole topic later, but thank you HarCor for the service to the community, I've been sperging out about this for a while in the ingame chat to no avail. Just gonna make it short, unless a player is hacking a ban is unnecessary under ANY circumstances, its just admins flexing their powers at that point. Mosh doesn't even like me, but he'd agree, bans are not necessary. Why were the blocker/lagger scripts made? for fun? respect the developers at least. And as for insults, worst case should be a 3 month mute, a mute is way more painful than a ban anyways, since you can play but you cannot speak no matter how much one is trying to provoke/trigger you. Also @SkyNET by doing shit sandy says, you are promoting trolling and insulting/swearing as an admin, think about that you should know how to work with people before you want to admin a server. 1 more, "random players" he is playing from 2012/1, that is the point of this post, shit admins like you banning old players.
  4. GUI being dont well displayed

    It is probably due to the low resolution, the GUI is too large, some parts of it don't scale as I've noticed with different resolutions. Did you try a higher res?
  5. I know there are loads of threads like these, but I just wanted one of my own. I hope you enjoy these. I'm gonna create a new post every time I decide to add any paintjobs. These only work on the properly paintjobbable cars (sultan, elegy, flash, jester, uranus, saturn) Also, thanks @cby for the awesome paintjob tester! NOTE: Vehicles look quite better ingame and nametags are removed. 1. Simple/abstract/minimal whatever object cool thingy paintjob, for the minimalists. LINK 2. Josh McGuire 2015 Formula Drift livery copycat, I have no idea who this guy actually is. The front is kinda messed up cause the crappy paintjob system, but it looks decent ingame, especially when the car has a bodykit. LINK 2.1. Dark version of same paintjob (this one also doesn't have the brembo and motul tags) LINK I also made a high resolution template for paintjobs (based on @hulpje's one, thanks!) LINK apologies for shitty pen tool skills, I know the arches are kinda not straight but they work. Hope somebody enjoys any of these
  6. 10 years, since the good days

    Just put up the old gamemode and name it literally "oldschool ZS" (ofc with mrgreen branding and shit), servers like these tend to attract some people at least, well enough to play until the nostalgia wears off.
  7. Stig ABUSES His Powers And Bans TwicH

    what else is new?
  8. intelzzz's moderator app

    I feel like I can reply since I am the app creator, hes telling the truth tho, you only accept your friends and you do not care about race at all. Dont even care if this costs me the position cause nothing will change. The completely shit to good map ratio in race is like 1:1 at this point, cause "muh old maps". The server could have so much potential, at evenings almost always the player count is higher than mix, also it is biggest race only server on the global mta browser nearly always. Ywa wants donations right, well you could attract so much more players with just a map cleanup and some minor bugfixes. Oh well, in a perfect world race and mix would both have managers for each server.
  9. wew, overedited circle game edits. i never thought i'd see that today
  10. Race mix = race SH?

    Yes I do sometimes join at night, because thats the only time its bearable, cause all the cancer is in spanish at least. Race players are a little salty by default, cause mix gets all the love when race has same player activity
  11. Race mix = race SH?

    Are you surprised? SH is the only gamemode in mix with a skill ladder, NTS is 80% luck, RTF is pretty much race where only 1 guy can finish (stupid, like 3 should be allowed with 20sec after finish so its harder), DD has one but not nearly as involving, and lets not even talk about CTF, all playability depends on noobs ramming you fullspeed or not. My point is all gamemodes except, except SH and DD get boring over time.
  12. Show your desktop background!

    time to bump this bitch specs(shitty): CPU OC'd to 4.4ghz atm
  13. MrGreen Youtube channel

    great design definetely
  14. intelzzz's moderator app

    Nope, and no way to really prove it unless I get it. Also most others with 1k+ hours have like 200+ gained form AFKing anyways which are just pointless imo. Its cause of the join date and hours.
  15. Screenshot + Video Thread

    daily reminder to do wheelies with your BMWs