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    Issues on the mixed server...

    I wouldn't agree with that. I mean the whole thing of this server is about fun right? If you want some serious racing you can still go to the race server. Just see it like this if you get a vehicle with weapons you are the lucky one, if you don't well you aren't. But everyone has the same chance to get one. However the main problem with the blockers still exists and also so one Haig described. I hope this will be solved sooner or later . People block more effectively with the tank than a bus because of the gun. So if you're complaining about blockers, one way to deal with that is nerf the tank. And when I talk about vehicles with weapons, I don't mean the ones that shoot at people as they race. That I'm fine with, it's part of the game. I'm talking about ones that get a weapon early on and cut across the map to the finish line to disrupt the finish. Tell me how that's fun for the rest of us.
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    Issues on the mixed server...

    Yeah I agree with this. Makes it impossible to play any maps with plane starts because there's always an a**hole that waits to get a jet or hunter and goes to kill whoever's winning. Setting a time limit would discourage this. Unless it's supposed to be this way, could weapons also be turned off somehow? Tanks, rc planes, hunters, etc. still disrupt the race even when they are actually racing.
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