What was the origin of your name?
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6 hours ago, Ywa said:

Over a decade ago I saw someone on a forum nicknamed 'Aiwa'. And since I'm pretty good at copying I decided to go with 'Ywa', which is still pronounced as 'Aiwa' (my opinion).


A random member on Warez-BB was named "Aiwa". So the spin-off Ywa was 'born'.

I'd like to go back to the nickname SwIF at some point.

xD, ywa dont spam the forums ;)

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Damn, this thread looks like dead, when the last post came from April. But I feel like I had the insane duty to explain my nickname and thank the threadowner :ninja:



Back then when MTA SA Race 1.0 saw the light of life, I joined a server called PhrozenByte Germany which is now antique and dead for many years. My Nickname was "DynteX", which was inspired from a datafile in the filesystem of NFS Most Wanted, that was named "dyn.tex". 
A while later the admin granted me to be his third serveradmin. And some day, when I was playing and watching, whats going on, two players with suspicious nicknames joined the server for the first time. 
In that moment a timed freeroam map with only one Checkpoint hidden somewhere was on for 20 minutes (yeah, quite different, than nowadays :D ). 
Both players carried the nicknames "Zeek" and "Zeeek". Logically a letter "e" more in the nickname for his mate. They directly got my attention and I spectated them. Because... every cheater use stupid nicknames like this, right? ... ? ? 
But happily they didn't do anything suspicious. Just very very strange and odd behavior in their playstyle and chatting. But not that "cheating" like behavior. More like (i hate this word) yolo-style driving and fun chat.
Some players found interest into them, to play with them together. Drive on that freeroam map with them together to do funny stunts and their own races until the map ends.

The original Zeek told once: "if you little peasants wanna join our crazy gang, you have to release yourself from your old identity, prove your extraordinary driving skills and the name of a Zeek will be granted to you, when you want to be with us and be part of our family!" 
Well... I, still as DynteX, were watching them and found it quite terrifying, that we had suddenly five Zeekes on our server. Zeek, Zeeek, Zeeeek, Zeeeeek and SpaceCookieZeeek. 

On all maps and modes their behavior was just not that, what a "normal" MTA Race player would behave. They were chatting a lot and as you, my dear readers, may can imagine, the chat was full of Zeekes and Zeeekes... You could Read Zeeek Nicknames all over the display. But they didnt do anything wrong. They played fair. But in a daredevilish driving style, which wasnt always as successful to them, than a focused tryhard driving style.
But I kinda liked it quickly. An urge feeling kept me wanting to be a part of them. But I didn't wanted to loose my beloved DynteX nickname. But the urge was too strong. So I decided to rename myself temporarily to a Zeek. A quick chat with the admin and he gave me all the rights to change my name.
And so I was reborn as Zeeeeeek (with 6 e's). But only for a short time, just for the fun time with the Zeekes. 

And hell, was it a fun time with them! I can't really describe it in words... it was like a collective consciousness among the Zeek family how we behaved. It felt right to be one of them. And I almost forgot my old nickname and decided to let loose of it and to be forever Zeeeeeek.

But sadly there is always an end to everything :/ Some changed their nicknames from their Zeeek-names back to their original nicks. And other just left the game and never showed up again. It all happened in just a week. Only I and the two OG Zeek and Zeeek were active. But even they told me, that they will change the game and leave mta.
I was the last one, who decided to be the Zeeeeeek from MTA for ever and in every game. Destroying the fake Zeeekes and celebrate, when I maybe meet another OG Zeek. We used to recognize ourself.
And so I was and were Zeeeeeek to the end of the server, which has lost its big german community after mta dm was released and everyone wanted to play deathmatch instead of race :( But this is an another story!


There were way more Zeeekes on this world. Once we were a Legion. Now we are few, separated and going our own ways on the world of gaming. I represent the Zeeek, originated from MTA SA Race.



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On 3/26/2017 at 2:07 PM, Maher said:

Maher will stay Maher.

But in Xbox one my nickname here is Maheja. 


Anyways, My first nickname was used is "Tom" then "Maher"

Made it in 2006 while i was playing a game called Toontown (First multiplayer game ive played)

Then i changed to MaherX cause the "X" sounded intresting to me, this time when i started playing a game called Transformice, Old days

So then I became "Ultisurvivour" because of my online friend called as Kenneth Demares who lives in Belgium but sadly he suicded because the bullies bully him a lot and it was 2 years ago (he wasn't strong enough to live his life), he was my bestfriend and we were nearly talking everyday in Skype, Rip. 

So then when i started playing MTASA, (this server) my first nick was CHEATERsSon, i was acting with a player called CHEATER as my dad, fun days lol, (it was in 2013) so then next 9 or 10 months i made a account (2014 of october) and got bored so i became a mix server player so my first nick ever (my real name) Maher is back and will always be ^_^

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My current nick, Choma comes from some scifi books: The Nights Dawn Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Night's_Dawn_Trilogy ). The character Choma is a sentient bitek construction that holds an imprint of someone centuries dead (the culture transfers all memories of those who die into a communal AI construct). The bitek Sergeant was created in response to the badddie from the books, and the possessed souls taking over planets.

Ive always pronounced it Coma, which was a good choice, coz i did love to get blackout drunk back then ;)

My previous name on MTA was SangDrax which again comes from a book series: The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hand_of_Chaos ). Sang-Drax was a weird serpent humanoid who worked with elves as a ship captain/bounty hunter.

Ive used both of these names in gaming for about a decade and a half - Choma seems relatively unique, so i usually use that.

(Oh, and if im roleplaying a female RPG character, i usually go with the name Ephilia - red haired dual wielding fighter/thief - its a distortion of Ophelia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophelia )

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