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So what is this?

Its a small experimental gamemode I've been slowly working on for a week.

Gameplay is pretty much like Bioshock 2 Multiplayer mixed with Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.

Gameplay in short:

  • You have the ability to use spells alongside with usual gun shooting.
  • You can carry 2 weapons and 2 spells at same time.
  • You can cast any spell (from equipped) while holding any weapon and you can quickly switch between spells by tapping 'Q' button.
  • Because you have spells - you also have mana that slowly regenerates over time.
  • And right now goal of gamemode is simple Team Deathmatch.

More about spells:

Right now there are few avalaible spells (and mostly Bioshock inspired) but later I'll add a bit more

Current spells are:

Fire Bolt - creates a fire explosion that ignites players on direct hit/within very small radius (works on short-medium range)

Electro Bolt - creates a quick lightning from your hand and stuns enemies/damages them on firect hit (can be combined)

Aero Dash - allows player to dash forward for a short distance. Also removes stun/afterburn effect from owner.

Teleportation - grants ability to quickly teleport on a short distance or through ceilings. Drains mana very quick as it's based on distance travelled.

Cyclone Trap - allow player to create a small air plate that triggers upon collision and launches the victim upwards. Damages victim if placed under low ceilings. Dissapears upon taking damage from enemy's team or upon player's death. Also can be charged by Fire Bolt or Electro Bolt for more damage and electrocution/afterburn effect, but becomes more visible at cost of that.

Right now you have only one avalaible loadout that can be customized when you join server or at the round start, but later there will be 3 and you will be able to switch between them when you are dead.

Ammo, mana and health:

Ammo and mana are very limited resources so here are the ways how to get all of that stuff:

  • You can refill ALL of you ammo by running over an ammobox that can be founded across the map
  • You restore ALL of your health by running over a medkit or by using Health Regen perk
  • You restore ALL of your mana by running over a mana pack (looks like food package from hl2)
  • You restore 30 mana instantly by killing an enemy
  • Mana regenerates slowly over time, but you can speed it up a bit by using Mana Regen perk.

This gamemode is in veeeeryyyyy early development stage, so im not sure when exactly it can/will be finished.

And yes it will have small leveling/ranking system a bit similar to one from zs but smaller.

Some screenies so far:

Lobby where you customize stuff/select your team and such:


And some actual in-game shots:





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Bleh. Added some stuff for last few days:

  • Now all 3 loadouts are saving/working properly
  • Also its possible to select loadout for next spawn on death
  • Added thirdperson casting animations
  • Added Winter Blast spell. Slows down enemies and deals small amount of damage. Can be combined with Cyclone Trap!
  • Added Toxic Breeze spell. Creates a small clouf of poison gas that rapidly damages anyone inside it
  • Added USP and Silenced USP. Silenced version does less damage but more accurate
  • Teleportation spell now should work properly on non-flat surfaces
  • Started making actual HUD (as seen on screenies)
  • Reduced amount of Teleportation exploit possibility :<

And few screenies with new HUD/spells :o



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  • Added map exploit blocks that prevent movement and ability to teleport inside.
  • Added map rotation/map voting menu with ability to restart existing map.
  • Added Ghosting spell. Turns player invisible and rapidly drains mana while active.
  • Added Telekinesis spell. Works sort of like gravity gun but drains mana when holding props and even more when throwing props.
  • Added Clever Dodger perk that allow player to use Aero Dash for sideways strafing.



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Testing server with gamemode went live for few days (

Also latest changelog:

  • Added few more perks
  • Added Lil' Tube as grenade launcher
  • Added sort of different scoreboard
  • Fixed loadouts not applying after a while
  • Telekinesis can also catch grenades

Discuss :o

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Uploaded tiny update:

  • Added aim assist for Fire Bolt
  • Increased aim assist range for Fire Bolt / Electro Bolt / Winter Blast
  • Increased splash radius for Lil' Tube
  • Descreased respawn time for pickups
  • Increased overall mana regeneration rate (+ perk too)
  • Adjusted player's team colors, so it should be easier to see who is who
  • Telekinesis now drains a bit less mana than usual
  • Added occasional mapcycle shuffling
  • Buffed Mana Saver perk. Now it uses 10% less mana depending on spell cost

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Some more stuff for past few days:

  • Added ability to customise player's appearance (F2)
  • Added about 50 items (hats and stuff)
  • Increased player's speed once again
  • Now you restore some ammo on kill (~half of clip for each weapon)
  • Hopefully removed all freezes when someone spawns or changes his appearance
  • Player's health now scaled with amount of teammates. More teammates - less health. (min 100-105 hp, max 130)
  • Fast Feet perk can be combined with Ghosting spell and as a result player will remain his normal speed when ghosting.
  • Converted all props to prop_physics_multiplayer for better optimisation
  • Fixed crosshair not working with Telekinesis
  • Updated few existing effects

And small preview of character customisation menu:


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Aaaaand another tiny update:

  • Reworked few ui things for better looking
  • Improved appearance for pickups (outline, rotating and such)
  • Added small spawn protection
  • Reworked aim assist for some spells once again (still needs tweaking :<)
  • Buffed afterburn duration/damage
  • Slightly increased cost of fire bolt, electro bolt, winter blast
  • Added occasional taunts when player kills someone
  • Rebalanced shotgun so it now has more pellets but slightly less dmg per each
  • Fixed bug where killing someone with e-bolt launched corpse into the space (that was hilarious tho)

and one screenie from public testing:


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Amazing triple post with some changelog:

  • Fixed ranged weapons having low damage in gm13 version.
  • Greatly buffed Fire Bolt, Electro Bolt, Winter Blast.
  • Frozen players now take 30% more damage.
  • Buffed Lil' Tube.
  • Added Fire Bolt 2 spell. Works like a small flamethrower on close range. Eats mana faster than you think. Also still can ignite traps.
  • Added Grenade Velocity perk for Lil' Tube. Lets you launch grenade on longer distances.
  • Increased overall mana regeneration a little.
  • Added auto-reloading.
  • Added few CSS particles to improve some effects.

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Feeling lonely here :<

  • Added use of new matproxy library in GM13. All citizen/rebel models now have team-colored clothes. Rest of models are colored as before.
  • Added facial animations when player gets a kill or takes damage.
  • Fixed lil' Tube not being able to shoot at ceilings (lol).
  • Reworked player customisation menu a bit.
  • Now most of spell effects (ones that show up on player) and traps wont draw if player is far away from them. Should save some fps.
  • Increased spawn protection from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Added auto-reloading for lil' Tube.
  • Added team score counter to scoreboard.


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