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Darkest Days (Second revision)

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So yeah, I've been working on new version of Darkest Days for few months and here is all info as I promised:


About new version:


If you have played prototype version of gamemode (one on public server) - you will feel yourself as at home.

But actually its really improved/rebalanced/polished/tweaked/whatever version of Darkest Days.


Some of new features/differences:

  • Simple RPG elements, featuring 4 skill trees: Strength, Magic, Agility, Defense
  • Melee weapons and melee combat
  • Parkour elements
  • Rewamped HUD/GUI and overall style
  • New shiny Source Particle Effects instead of old lua effects
  • No more pickups (health/ammo/etc)
  • Players now drop health/mana orbs on death
  • Players now can carry gun and melee weapon instead of 2 guns
  • And some more...


So yeah, what are those skill trees?



Now when you spawn - you will be greeted by this sexy menu:




From very beginning you will have like 5-6 avalaible points to spend, up to 30 when leveled to the max.

Every tree is specific and has 3 unique abilities that are unlocked once you invest enough points.

You can respec the abilities at any time btw.


Strength skill tree:


This tree is about raw power and melee combat. You gain more melee damage the more points you invest in it.

  1. Bullet blocking ability. Simple as hell. You can block incoming bullets by blocking with your melee weapon and facing the attacker.
  2. Blood thirst ability. Gain small amout amount of health on hit successful hit with melee. Hitting an enemy who is blocking wont count.
  3. Rage ability. Adds aditional point of damage on each successful hit. Can be stacked few times and stacks reset on death.


Magic skill tree:



Speaks for itselfs. Oriented on players with magic fetish. You get increased mana capacity when you invest points into this tree.

  1. Rapid mana regen ability. Instead of default slow regeneration, this one will regenerate mana a lot faster but after a small delay.
  2. Mana Channeling ability. When caster is below 50% of health - 25% of all magic damage done will be returned as mana.
  3. Magic Shield ability. Gives you a passive magic shield on spawn. It uses 50% of your max mana as a capacity, absorbs 50% of non melee damage, and recharges after 25 seconds if it was breaked.


Agility skill tree:



One of my favourite trees. It grants you greater speed if you invest in it, as well as some sweet parkour abilities. Also I tried to make controls as simple as it even possible.

  1. Wall Jump ability. Lets you to jump off the walls, when facing them or not. More speed - more jump power.
  2. Ledge grabbing and Roll abilities. 2 for the price of one. You can pull yourself up some ledges by pressing E and negate some fall damage when crouching.
  3. Wall Run ability. Combined with previous 2 abilities - it lets you travel across the map with great speed no matter what. To start wallrunning just press space while sprinting near wall.


Defense skill tree:



Tank'ish skill tree. More points = more health!

  1. Health regeneration ability. Pretty basic. Regeneration rate is faster when ya standing still.
  2. Blood Pact ability. Restore small amount of health for nearby allies when killing an enemy.
  3. Grit ability. Borderlands 2 inspired. Gives you 15% chance to ignore damage that will kill you otherwise.


In theory you should be able to max out 1 tree and 35% of another to keep stuff balanced.



What about melee combat?


Since I added melee weapons, I also added small chivalry inspired melee combat. Melee weapons are pretty powerful and they have differents good and bad sides. Also you can block melee attacks while holding reload button.




One of annoying things for me was placing pickups and at same time trying to keep them balanced.

In new version I completely removed them and added some different stuff:


You start with 3-4x amount of ammo, because there are no more ammo pickups. (however you can find some on dm maps).

When you kill player - he drops a health or mana orb, that restores small amount of whatever you got.

Orbs dissapear after few seconds and can be picked up by enemies as well.




There is one perk slot now at cost of increased power of actual perks. They are still in TODO.




I tried to balance them. Nothing else to mention.




Some spells were tweaked, some nerfed, some buffed.

For example Fire bolt and winter blast spells are now projectiles.

Also there are couple of new spells.

P.S.: Crows are deadlier than ever before.




Overall gameplay changes:

  • Yes, now you can actually vote for gametypes! Even for round restart.
  • Right now there are 3 fully working gametypes: KOTH, Hold the Flag and Team Deathmatch. Possibly one more will ba added later.
  • Changed that flag in Hold the Flag is now passive. So you dont need to hold a separate weapon, etc. Also you no longer can throw flag away.
  • Team Deathmatch no longer has time limit, however it will have if server is empty (to prevent server from getting stuck at TDm when noone is playing).
  • Increased time for KOTH up to 4 minutes.



There is also a customisable thirdperson mode (zoom key to enable/disable). You can change position in F4 menu.

New blood/gore effects. Someone was complaining that gamemode is not cruel enough. Now you can slice players with sword, explode them into more giblets or shoot off some limbs and watch them spazzing out in their own blood :V.

New Dishonored-like HUD that should be pretty for everyone. Hud also can be disable in F4 options if you want to record/take screenies.

Remade allmost all existing effects in Source Particle Editor. They should be prettier and be more optimised.

And some more stuff that I forgot again.


Small wall of pictures:







When I can play it?


When it's done. And its pretty much done on 75-80% atm


What actually left to do?


  • Leveling and ability to get more points. Done!
  • New perks.
  • Maybe 1-2 more spells.
  • 2 more missing abilities for skill trees. Done!
  • New gametype called "Assault" or "Attack the Fridge" (no jokes, Im serious about that one)
  • Few tweaks etc.


I locked old thread, so this one if where discussion can be continued.

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So yeah, I've been working on new version of Darkest Days for few months and here is all info as I promised:   About new version:   If you have played prototype version of gamemode (one on public serv

Part of the overall fixing and tweaking:   - Updated slicing. - Removed headshot bonus dmg from shotguns, but increased player speed with them. - You can now spin Striker without firing (rmb). - Cure

This GM only appeals to the older generation of Gmod players. The current generation are happy to play TTT and Dark RP for hours on end.    Its sad to see such a unique piece of coding engineering go

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Just a suggestion: Add Magic Shield as a separate spell for Strength tree level so you can block any incoming magical attacks when used. That would be something like anti-mage hero


Might add something similar as selectable perk, so you can block 50% of magic damage with melee at cost of something.

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Just a suggestion: Add Magic Shield as a separate spell for Strength tree level so you can block any incoming magical attacks when used. That would be something like anti-mage hero


Might add something similar as selectable perk, so you can block 50% of magic damage with melee at cost of something.

Have you played The Elder scrolls? They had that spell with magic ward which is actually a magic shield that blocks all incoming damage (requires charging before it can block damage).

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Allright, added 2 missing abilities for skill trees, added leveling/xp system.


Players start with 5 avalaible points, and they can get 20 more by leveling.

Killing gives 1 xp per kill, victory gives 35 xp.


Other thing what iI really need atm is perks (unlockable or not).


Here is an example of how perk should look like if ya have any suggestions:



Name: Butterfly


-20% damage taken when sprinting

+15 max speed


+20% damage taken when not sprinting

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So we leave suggestions here? Okay.

1) Make more possible spell.Connie like cyclone trap + fire ball 2

2) Make some cooler versions of spells. As an example, make telekinesis 2 which allows you to make a telekinetical explosion around the caster that lifts up everything in the radius and smashes it all into the centre in the air. That would probably cost like lots of mana. Make it unlockable.

Another example: 'Fake walk' (teleportation 2 kinda) teleports you back where you were 10th seconds ago.

3) Loading screen that looks cool?

4) Possibly more game modes?

5) Probably, more perks.

Other than that, testing it today was awesome.

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FUCKING FORUMS MAN. Why does backspace have the function to go 1 page back? I wrote an entire page of suggestions, for fuck sake. Was writing this shit for half and hour. Well fucking done, I can't remember all my suggestions.




So I recently got some suggestions in my mind.


Perks, Magic, Abilities, etc.



Enchenced Magical Shield - Increases the size of the Magic Barrier and it's duration, but increases the mana cost. Requires unlocks: "Magic Resistance" (Resist 5000 damage with Magic Barrier).

Trap Master - Allows the owner of Cyclone Trap to be launched 60 degrees up in the direction of movement, doesn't work with enemy traps and takes more damage from enemies cyclone traps. Requires unlocks: "Wet Floor", "Sudden death" (Kill 50 players with Cyclone Trap)

Chain Reaction - When attacking the enemies with Electric bolt, the bolt will jump to other enemies dealing less damage every jump. Increases the magic damage taken by 10%. Maximum amount of jumps - 8. Requires unlocks: "Smoked your butt!" (Kill 100 enemies with Electric bolt), "Lights out? No problem!" (Kill 10 enemies that are stunned with electricity).

Kevlar - Resist 15% of bullet damage but move 15% slower.

Mana Sucker - Decreased mana cost on mana steal (10 mana). Requires unlocks: "Mind if I do!" (Steal 5000 mana in total), "I can return it to you" (Deal 3000 damage using stolen mana)



Mana Steal - [Directed attack, costs 20 mana] Steal 100 mana from the enemy target. Can be used on Cyclone Trap.

Summon Vortigaunt - [summon, costs 75 mana] Summons a vortigaunt that attacks enemies with his charges depending on the amount of the owner's kills in 1 life. 1 kill - 1 vort shock attack. 3 kills - 3 shock attacks. After the attacks, the vortigaunt dies.

Summon Fast Headcrabs - [summon, costs 50 mana] Summons fast headcrabs. Depending on the amount of owner's kills, the amount of summoned headcrabs also matters. 1 kill - fast headcrab. 4 kills - 4 fast headcrabs. 

Time Travel - [self-targeted spell, costs 30 mana] Teleportation 2 spell, teleports you back where you were 10 seconds ago. Requires unlocks: "Where did he go?" (Teleport 100 times into the ceiling in total), "That dodgy bastard!" (Teleport on short distances 50 times in total).

Illusion - [self-targeted spell, costs 30 mana] Ghosting 2 spell, creates an illusion of your player that can be killed but will not give any points nor experience to the enemy. When casted, you turn invisible for 5 seconds as your illusion runs towards the direction you were last looking at. The illusion is either killed or disappears in 5 seconds. (I hope it's possible to make this spell, Necro :chickie: )

Gravity Shift - [self-targeted spell, costs 50 mana] Once the spell has been activated, it decreases the owner's gravity to 200 for 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds have passed, the gravity turns back to 600. Requires unlocks: "Slowin' em' down" (Kill enemies with "Electric bolt", "Winter blast" and "Murder of Crows"), "I just killed 1000 dudes...", "I like to break ice".

Gravity Invert - [Directed attack, costs 75 mana] When targeted an enemy, the enemy's gravity is inverted down to -10 for 5 seconds and turned back to 600 after 5 seconds have passed. Can be used on Cyclone Trap. Requires unlocks: "Wet floor", "Gravity Shift" (spell), "Space Strike" (kill an enemy while under "Gravity Shift" effect), "A spacemen bird?" (kill an enemy that is under "Gravity Shift" effect), "Elemental Trap" (Kill enemies with 3 different cyclone trap charges - electric, fire, ice).

Magnetic Field - [Directed attack, costs 100 mana] Telekinesis 2 spell. Target an enemy or a mark on the ground that will pull all the props around 2000 inits into it and then make a prop storm making all the props fly around the Magnetic Field mark for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds have passed, all the props fall down on the ground. Requires unlocks: "Honk, honk bitches!", "Mass slaughter" (Kill 50 enemies with telekinesis);

Black Hole - [static spell, costs 50 mana] The spell is the exactly same type like Magic Barrier. Creates 2 black holes: On first cast creates an exit of black hole, while on 2nd cast it creates an entrance to the black hole. Anything that touches the black hole gets sucked in and spit out of it in the exit of black hole. Requires unlocks: "Magic Resistance" (see Enhenced Magical Shield), "Time Travel" (spell).

Scorn Minor - [Directed attack, costs 20 mana] Light version of Scorn, does dramatically less damage but has increased speed. Can bouce off enemies. No unlocks required.

Scorn Grande - [Directed attack, charges with mana] Scorn Grande also well known as "Cero" (if you ever watched Bleach...) is the core of the mana. The caster concentrates his mana in his hand and as he concentrated enough mana, he releases the amount of mana in damage dealing damage to anyone in the line and not just 1 person. Requires unlocks: "Dark Energy" (Kill 100 players with Scorn) and "Black Ball Dissolver" (Kill an enemy with Scorn + Scorn Minor).

Static Field - [Radius attack, Costs 90 mana] Creates electrical explosion around the caster that shocks and stuns the enemies around him dealing 60 damage. Requires unlocks: "Chain Reaction" (perk), "Thunder mage" (Kill 200 enemies with electric bolt), Garbadge day.



Strength Lvl 4: #1 - Block a directed magic attack to attack back with it (Hold R to absorb the magic attack and click Attack button to return it to the owner), can absorb only 1 magic spell, #2 - Clave slice - Grants ability to hit multiple targets at once instead of just one.

Magic Lvl 4: Increased Magic effects - Increases stats for all magical spells. Example: Cyclone trap - Higher launch height, Electric bolt - longer duration, Scorn - Increased speed, more bounces.

Agility Lvl 4: #1 - Ability to stick to a wall or ceiling by holding Ctrl. While sticking to a wall or ceiling, grants the ability to shoot and use spells. #2 - Ability to use spells while reloading handguns or shotguns but not SMG's or rifles.

Defence Lvl 4: Aura regen - heals allies in the radius of 1000 units as well as increses the regen rate of the owner.


Other stuff:

Make it so summoned targets don't target allies or the owner and give points to the owner when they kill an enemy. Also make the allies be able to go through the summoned targets.

Debuff shotguns. PLEASE.

Make it so you can see when you can capture a point in KotH or when you have the flag in CTF modes.


That's it for now. Hope you look forward to those. :deal: 


P.S: Example of a Cero (don't watch if you don't like anime, that's the best example I could find on youtube so meh)

Skip to 0:18


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Working on a fairly small map here. Inspired by Clavus' dm_iw_metalgrounds. I called this map dd_ironisle. Made it possible to do parkour.


So yeah that's just a 5 seconds work map. Nothing special about it.


Just going to fix 1 thing now, and I'm ready to upload it.


EDIT: Done. Link: http://filesmelt.com/dl/dd_ironisle.bsp_.bz2



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Okay, so since at least 1 player will reach 25 points already, we went thinking what could be done to resume the play.


There were 2 suggestions going on about it.

#1: Me and Reznov suggested that a player could increase 1 of his abilities by 5 empty slots in the skill tree. For example, let's say someone reached 25 points. Once he has reached the maximum XP with his 25 points, he gets to decide, which ability (a.k.a Strength/Magic/Agility/Defence) he wants to give those 5 additional slots to (with skill tree perks every 5th point, of course).  So say, I decided to increase my agility. My maximum amount of slots for agility increases from 20 to 25. In addition, the maximum amount of points for the player increases by 5 as well, enduring his possible gainable XP so he gets every point even longer.


NECROSSIN is afraid that it will break the ballance between new players and experienced players. Isn't it 'broken' already, I ask? Every player can get points from playing. It won't be like if a new player wouldn't join a team with at least 1 of those experienced players. The longer he plays the more points he gains. There will be even more mingebags coming to the server who can be killed by those new players. Eventually these "new players" will get on the same level as experienced players.


#2: NECROSSIN suggested making it that once a player reaches 25 points, he will re-start with 6 points instead of 5 points. This means that at the end you will get 26 points. On the next time 27. After that 28.


IMO, that would be boring. You don't get any new skill tree perks. You just get the possibility to gain other perks like magic+strength in a full line. 


What you guys think?

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