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Darkest Days (Second revision)

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  • Replaced glitchy Fast reload QTE with passive 70% faster reload speed for Gun Mastery
  • Removed health penalty from Mr Sledge
  • Fixed P90 having incorrect amount of ammo
  • Increased walking speed when blocking for all melee weapons
  • M3 now has slower fire rate

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  • Added wip Martial Arts perk, that lets you cut people with your fists (karate chops) and perform dropkicks, because why not.
  • Fixed female and combine voice lines not working properly from voice menu.
  • Few small clientside optimisations.
  • Slightly increased dmg for rifles/pistols/smgs.



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I think you should reduce the number of maps that are played in, so people dont have to waste time downloading.

And also, how about adding rank progression and badges? (make an anti-farm system too)

Other than that keep creating unique content for your gamemode, hopefully in the future when the ZS servers are back up along with others, there can be a Mr.Green online ranking page where it connects starts from every server, this would incentivate regulars to play in.

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ANother update:


  • Unlocks and skillpoints are now always avalaible, since i'm slowly preparing gamemode for workshop release
  • Removed few weapons that people barely even used
  • Removed few perks
  • Reworked gore effects
  • Added new gore effects for deaths by shotgun and guns
  • Crossbow now can zoom in if you hold reload button
  • Increased firerate/reload speed for crossbow and lil tube
  • Decreased damage for shotguns
  • SPAS-12 now acts as doublebarreled shotgun with autofire with with max 2 ammo
  • Added new efefcts for muzzleflashes
  • Added new effects for melee trails
  • Tweaked some particle effects
  • Fixed a bug where round would get stuck at the end of the match
  • Ghosting and Curse of the night are now perks that can be activated by holding/pressing shift
  • Added Adrenaline perk that spawns red orbs on death. They boost yer damage for a few seconds
  • Added Dash perk that allows you to dash in any direction at cost of 25% of your mana
  • You can now grab ledge by pressing spacebar
  • Viewmodels now use actual player's model
  • Few changes for various guns in terms of spread and recoil
  • Added an option to enable multicore rendering if you have that off for some reason
  • AntGuard no longer will attack owner and teammates
  • Fixed thirdperson fire animations for shotguns

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Another tiny update with mostly fixes:

  • Fixed spinning meat texture on sliced players
  • Orbs will no longer block bullets/melee attacks
  • Increased duration of Adrenaline perk
  • Fixed poopy collision on crows that caused players to get stuck
  • Moved dash/crow charges hud element under the spells
  • Fixed not being able to instantly attack with melee after exiting ghosting
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Error" achievements to pop up

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How do you plan on stopping people adding a hat shop and getting money off of it like they did with Stop it Slender?

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Guest AleksCore

1) Can you give us a bit GC for playing? It's Mr. Green server and it's all bout GC, and doesn't matter if we can't spend gc on DD server. 

2) Is there any way to see player level?

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