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I'm not dead! Just retiring...

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I've been letting this linger for a while now, but seeing as Ywa is gearing up a new Mr. Green refresh soon, it's time to review my role. Ever since I stopped managing the Minecraft server I haven't been active here. Truth is I moved onto other games. Plus I'm working on finishing up my education and finally graduate from university. After that I hope to start a professional game development career, specializing in the new wave of virtual reality gaming :)


So from today forward, I'm no longer part of the TopCrew.


It's been many fun years. I joined back in 2006 / 2007 after regularly playing on the GMod Zombie Survival. After I started modding it, things just kept on going. The donation system, !ravebreak, Infected Wars, Team Fortress 2 Arena / Payload, Minecraft... lots and lots of hours spend on those. I still remember the topic that introduced Minecraft to the community. Our very first survival multiplayer server, and the many worlds that came after.


I want to thank everyone that made these years enjoyable and worthwhile. The regulars, the forum goers, and the people that bravely stood on the frontlines as game admins. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Ywa for giving this opportunity and managing the server back-end. I'll probably drop by from time to time to hear the mandatory "everything was so much better when you were around" comments :P


You can always add me on Steam if you haven't already. I'm always interested in chatting about gaming or game dev topics. Still playing games on a daily basis (Battlefield 4 and Arma III nowadays).


Game on everyone  :mr-green:

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The least i could do is thank you for making mr.green zs possible. :D

Im looking forward to playing the games you develop in the future, im sure they will be high quality like mr.green zs, infected wars and ragnarok conflict.

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Hey, thanks for all the time you had spent on the community up till now!

Seing you green ain't right indeed. But I guess you had your time too, just like Kraay (i.e. one of the ex-top crews)


Was fun having you lead this community! I honestly felt you'd leave one day. Guess it has come :/


P.S: Now that you have quit your job as TC, you got more time to play => you got time to play with people => pls go play smth with me yo.

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I know you are of the older generation than me and I have only ever had the privilege of playing a game with you once. But..


Shame to see such a fine bird leave the nest. But life goes on. I know the development of virtual reality will be an exciting journey for sure! I hope you create something truly unique as you have done in the past. :)




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