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i used to play this server from 2 years nearly and my ping was 120-150 and it never have been more than that, yesterday i was playing and my ping was 130 and when i came back to play at night my ping came 300-320 and idk why my ping came that high, i check other servers i play in and i found that all the servers that i play in my ping is 120-150 but in Mix and Race server my ping is 300-320 so just i need small help.

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On 9/6/2014 at 7:02 PM, neox. said:

That's your net provider... the ping depends of the distance between your net provider and the net provider of the server owner. 

That server I was joining that time was located in Europe too. My internet was just acting weird. *Yes bumping up a topic which is 3 years old :D*

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Just now, Stig said:

are you using VPN sometimes it wont turn off must restart PC / router


Nah I was not using anything 

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