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GCs payment update

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2 hours ago, r1d3r said:

lol. In 2017 or 2018? :D

I guess 2019 :) 

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8 hours ago, Cena said:

I guess 2019 :) 

In 2019 he will write "soon":lol:. Btw Jack123 will have 2 or 3 millinon gc :D

Edited by r1d3r

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On 28.04.2016 at 3:45 PM, Ryuu said:

You can stay afk and get money?

Such a joke

I agree with you dude.

Of course it's a lie.

I'm not believe that he will add this update.


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3 hours ago, Old_Bill said:

Please remove this topic, when will people forget about it?

I already forgot about it :D

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On 31.08.2016 at 10:51 PM, xpr0legendx said:

Ywa probably canceled this project when he saw Jack's gc count :-)

Not enough money to pay for Jack)

We will wait until the new year to see the answer: "soon".

On 31.08.2016 at 10:20 PM, Ryuu said:



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Just forget about it...

Edited by Cena
I cant forget about it!!!

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On 9/23/2014 at 3:08 PM, Ywa said:

We're one step closer to 'giving' real money for earned GCs to Mr. Green players. I've talked with the accountant and legally we're all good! :)

It looks like we'll be able to process payments to European bank accounts (supporting SEPA/IBAN) and all PayPal accounts!

- Ywa

Man, what a long step! 2+ years! :D 

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