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At the second checkpoint in this NTS race, if your vehicle changes to a DUMPER you are not able to get past the tunnel. This was reported a couple of times and still no changes have been made. This happened just now with @mAs4TeR as he reported this to me.


Placing a vehicle change pickup just in front of the tunnel could fix this problem. Could any of the active map managers and or map assistants take a look into this? @NITROX @SkyNET @Goldberg 

@jededo are you still active, or willing to edit the map as it's a very nice map.


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1 hour ago, mazdacosmo said:

the map [NTS] Turbo 2's checkpoints are to far apart and there are no nos canisters on the map

You need to hold left click. Then you will be moving 200km/h+ in most vehicles.

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