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Zombie survival map managing


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there was a really nice cading/semi-okay running map.  I think it was nuclear vault/bunker/vault or whatever?  I know there was a highly reported bug that zombies could sometimes be stuck in zombie spawn.  If that bug gets fixed I'd love to see it re-added.  


Also unpopular opinion but Swimming Pool is a bad map.  Players can nail zombie spawn shut (and even if this problem is fixed in the future, zombie spawn camping is rampant as fuck, all the zombies spawn in a tiny ass truck.), the map is basically a big wide open shooting range, and the hallways can be caded to be a wall of bullets just like Jail.




My suggestion would be to move the zombie spawn on the roof



I like this idea, might reduce raging. Ha! Nailing zombie spawn shut. I have a picture of pufu doing this around here somewhere ahh here we go. Makes them rage but its fucking hilarious for humans, good times :D.



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Added alot of maps we used to play, removed couple of overplayed shit maps, now we have about 57 maps in the cycle total  :grandpa:


Message me if any of the maps start acting up or any glitches/bugs other bogus is found

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Anyone remember the map with the giant fan room? It had loads of fans in one big ass room and you floated around in it. It was a good map :V

and it had an easter egg secret room and a big deadly wind shaft


Yes that's the one omg, I miss it so much ;( 

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