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The return of the SkillShop


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with 90% damage reduction, there no need a waves. Just gave 30% speed increase for 1 sec after survival left that shop, that would be better idea, than add waves with intermission.

I think 9-th Dragon just perfectly solved the problem.

Most likely because shop system is introduced now, while shit load of other things should be changed for it to work properly. They all should have been changed at the same time to prevent complaints a

The gun buying system sucks right now because there is no quick buy system. It has the same problem the shop used to have. It would have been better to fix this before the crate was changed.

What kind of quick-buy system would you like to see? The best-available weapons are available on top, and ammo for your gun can be bought by a single click as well.
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Hmmm you can add an option at f4 to select your favorite weapon, fav meleeand fav tool ? So you can single click buy em too ?

I was thinking of something like this but with no clicking or menus involved when you want to quick buy. You could simply hit a key when you are near the crate and it will buy your chosen loadout. This makes it better for runners because there is no menu or clicking to slow you down.

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Something I have noticed is that when there are players in a bundle with turrets, using the crate is fine.

The same applies when you are in a cade.


But when you are on your own and are running from a horde, this is when the problem occurs.


But then I ask myself, if you are in that situation, should you be able to get weapons from the crate that easily? Maybe you are meant to die at that point of the game, but people find it hard to accept. Am I right or wrong? 'Try to see it from the perspective or humans and zombies' 

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Well if people are saying its hard to get a weapon from the crate while a zombie is chasing you, then the only option is to add an option F4 to let you chose what weapon, tool or ammunition you want to auto-buy by just clicking E on the crate, but then there should be an on/off option.

Also the 40% resistance thing doesn't really protect you almost, since I myself had around 40HP when a poison zombie came and destroyed me with one hit though I was browsing the shop.

Everyone has a different taste for a games difficulty, like some people like a challenge and some don't. Well for me, I mostly like a challenge, but if a majority of people want the crate to have an auto-buy for weapons option and in the end it is added, then I really don't mind it.

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getting steamrolled by zombies while spending time buying all the weapons has been a problem since day 0, a shop system is only good for waves/cading where you have the proper time to buy weapons and not accidentally buy the wrong thing or get raped by an army.  (Don't get me wrong, I love the shop but it's very hard to work with in the current system)

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If waves were to be an option we should look at a new way of doing them. By this I mean try not to just do 6 waves with intermissions. 


We should try to come up with something interesting and unique to make it fun and interesting. We are meant to be a custom server after all. Pushing the boundaries of the new and old to create something out of the box should be on everyone's mind! :) 

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