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1. Always wear your tag

2. Never ram, block, kill a clan member on purpose

(we are a team)

3. No fighting other clan members

4.If you permanently change your name in game tell us in the clan topic so i can update the member list

(try not to change it too often please)

5.If you leave the clan without announcing or got kicked because of a rule break, you will not be accepted back.

6.Once accepted you may give your opinion on other clan applications, but the decision will ultimately rest with the leader(s).




1- You need at least 100+ hours playtime.

2- Last punishment should be older than 15 days. (ban, mute, blocker)

3- You need to be active.

4- Don't waste your time applying, if you are Blacklisted. 

5- Your english must be at least average and understandable.

6- You should have at least 10 wins in Never The Same (NTS) and be in at least two tops (rank 8 or above).

7- You should have at least 5 wins in Reach The Flag (RTF) .

8- You should have at least 10 wins in Destruction Derby (DD) and be in at least two tops (rank 8 or above).

9- You should have at least 20 Flags captured in CTF.

10- You should have at least 10 wins in Shooter (SH) and 50 kills and be in at least two tops (rank 8 or above).




(NOTE: Once you apply to join CnT and are waiting for a decision, you are not allowed join or ask for another clan, or your application gets declined) 


1.1: Your account name:

1.2: Nationality:

1.3: Age:

1.4: Gender:

1.5: How many hours a week do you play:

1.6: Total playtime hours:

1.7: Your time zone (GMT+): 

1.8: Why do you want to join CnT (At least 40+ words):

1.9: Do you have any friends in CnT (If yes write their names):

2.0: Previous clans:

2.1:  Have you got banned before?:

2.2: If yes, why?:

2.3: Favorite Game Mode:

2.4: How good is your english?:

2.5: Screenshot of your stats (link): 



Current members: (Total: 40)


Founder/Owner/: Cena (United Arab Emirates) 3aZLOXf.gif

                                                                         Owner/Clan Moderator: Dan (Romania) imageproxy_1.gif

Leader: Haze (Netherlands) XVRDBMn.gif

Member: Nibje (Netherlands) XVRDBMn.gif

Member: KBWY (Netherlands) XVRDBMn.gif

Member: BYEBYE (France) VdML5yS.gif

Member: Iry (Romania) imageproxy_1.gif

Member: Ahmed (United Arab Emirates) 3aZLOXf.gif

Member: Sirius (Poland)   

Member: HellBoy (Argentina) 

  Member: KneeLz (Lithuania) download.jpg

 Member: Selim (Turkey) 5sRQDu3.png

 Member: Rami (Saudi Arabia) zZDcmOY.gif

 Member: <M-JerrY> (Russian Federation) 8US6ip3.gif

 Member: Gabi (Hungary)

 Member: THEMoroccanGUY (Morocco)

 Member: Goph (Hungary)

 Member: M10 (Hungary)

 Member: Skynet (Hungary)

 Member: 0rangeGhost (Russian Federation) 8US6ip3.gif

 Member: Akeno (Turkey) 5sRQDu3.png

 Member: Galla (Hungary)

 Member: Pig (Russian Federation) 8US6ip3.gif

 Member: P0L (Slovenia) 

 Member: chrisR (Germany)

 Member: Adam (United Kingdom)

 Member: B0$$ (India)

Member: Kauss. (Romania) imageproxy_1.gif

 Member: BoNd (India)

 Member: MrJhin

 Member: Hilton (kazakhstan)

 Member: NEM0 (Latvia)

 Member: koolaid (Latvia)

Member: Personalizado (Mexico) mx_g2.gif

 Member: Jans (Netherlands) XVRDBMn.gif

 Member: Dead.Ronin (Russian Federation) 8US6ip3.gif

 Member: PatoMcPato (Venezuela)

 Member: Jul-Ovni (France) VdML5yS.gif

Member: K10 (Hungary)

Ex-CnT Members
Capo (Macedonia)macedonia_flag.gif (Left the server) Y
Dead-End (Ireland)download.jpg (Kicked-Broke rule 1) X
SkyFall (Chile) chile_flag.gif (Changed Clans) X
B3ST (Russian Federation)8US6ip3.gif (Changed Clans) X
Laca (Czech)flag_czech_republic_XL.jpg (Kicked by Cena) X
Kohl (Russian Federation)8US6ip3.gif (Left) Y
Gwiazda (Poland)  xM8DUZs.gif  (Kicked) X
Camper (Russian Federation) 8US6ip3.gif (Left) Y
Member: Wing (Brazil)GlvXFtX.gif 



Edited by Cena

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9 minutes ago, Kohl said:





MrGreenGaming RaceMix


Top clan and people

lol you should of copied the for as well... anyway ty for your aplication

I will talk with the other members and ask your their oppinion as well, you will get your answer soon, please wait :)

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On 9/15/2016 at 8:48 PM, HeArTBeaT said:

All members must post on this topic withing 15 days (either you are currently playing or not, post something so we know you are still alive)

Those who will not will be kicked due to innactivity

Please remember to post here so i may know that you are still active.

Also please notify the other members you see in game.

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19 minutes ago, KeyBull1 said:

Take me? /AlieN

please fill this form up:

In-game name:

Previous clans : 


Favorite Game Mode:

Server you play on the most:

Were u banned in the past and why?:

How good is your english?:

Why do you want to join CnT

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On 9/18/2016 at 10:16 AM, HeArTBeaT said:

I just copy pasted the old CNT topic... and yeah you are right lol... its cena's fault

Prob when I was doing the list and googling the countries flag, I got mixed up. Anyway, sorry.

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