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Killing Floor Official updates/leaks

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This is the place to post all your information about new game content or leaked content on the game. 


New Zed 'twin gore fast' 

New Zerk weapon!





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18 minutes ago, NECROSSIN said:

There is no Martial Arts perk. It's been replaced by off-perk perk Survivalist.

What's the Survivalist perk about, do you have any sources so I can have a read? :o 

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Here is some new bone crunching news, what an update we have...

New Map – Zed Landing, a lush tropical island with an active volcano and dynamic volcano effects

New Weapon – Hammer the point home to Zeds using the Bone Crusher, a devastating makeshift mace and shield for the Berserker perk

New Zed – The deadly, dual-bladed Gorefiend adds yet another threat for players to overcome

Dual Perk Weapons – Weapons can now belong to more than one perk, greatly increasing the weapon choices available for each perk

New Emotes – New emote animations that can be triggered during gameplay. All players receive one for free, with additional emotes gained from unlocking Emote Crates - See more at: http://www.tripwireinteractive.com/news/killing-floor-2-tropical-bash-content-pack-available-now!.aspx#sthash.CUFneEcH.dpuf




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