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So, um hi im back

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Try Paladins, it's free 2 play. You will start playing against bots first levels so dont think its so ez and boring. Actually cool game, still in BETA. A lot of updates like every few weeks or so. There is also classes, fast respawn etc. Good dynamic FPS game. This is replaced ZS for me. 

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so ... I played last night and there were quite alot of people on so i dont think that ZS is completely dead but the coding makes it kind of unplayable, the HUD is fine but just add some things from the good 'ol times and some1 who is willing  to redeem :huh: this gamemode. And if that is fixed we can get the community back. If there is one God Emperor who can bring this server back i am sure as hell that i am gonna crowbar some fools again :D

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