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Oh, Welcome here!

damn how can u still read this shit? rip ur eyes already

We are the BEST CLAN wielding INFINITY POWER!

imageproxy.png.a24f09a3a82906838a78c1882e299f26.png   Maher (Founder/Leader) Join Date: (DD/MM/YYYY) 3/5/2018

netherlands_21034805.jpg.900c0628fa4d1752da666f24fb2e8b54.jpg      HazJoin Date: 3/5/2018

 5aeb50e310726_imageproxy(1).png.743b295dcf9e48d2827d82440275636a.png    AKEN0 Join Date: 3/5/2018

5aeb510e41cd9_imageproxy(2).png.f3730af3050abbf581360dead42ca8cc.png      KneeLzy Join Date: 3/5/2018

542202720.jpg.43609bf1e3eb55c4123d724ebc7cc4ad.jpg      Laca Join Date: 3/5/2018

5aeb50e310726_imageproxy(1).png.743b295dcf9e48d2827d82440275636a.png     Selim Join Date: 6/5/2018

5aeb50e310726_imageproxy(1).png.743b295dcf9e48d2827d82440275636a.png    Mekuar Join Date: 10/5/2018

Poland-512.png.cc10e77b9b321aae626033d28290d6ce.png Witcher  Join Date: 10/5/2018

5aeb510e41cd9_imageproxy(2).png.f3730af3050abbf581360dead42ca8cc.png  L1nx     Join Date: 12/5/2018

Requirements to join the clan: 

You shall have at least above 200+ Wins in all Modes

You should have played 350 hours or above.

Be active.

Have at least 35+ tops from top8 to top1. (This requires a screenshot to make sure, otherwise you get declined).

Must have at least 1500 Kills in SH mode.

Must have 1000 DD Kills.

Most importantly, Show the F10 stats of yours ingame.

The infinity powers have appeared above here!

Are you excited to wield it? Let us know we see if you have the chance to enter our clan!

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, assntits said:

Nice, what is clan tag? don't have installed MTA and am curious :V


Anyway, it's not important for me to wear a clantag, People can do whatever they want in ny clan :D

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