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BoNd's Admin Application

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I have already told pretty much about myself in my mod app. If someone has not seen you can visit this link.


I have been a moderator for around 5 months and most of the persons on the server knows me very well.I have learnt so much from my seniors and I spend a lot of time in game usually in the morning when admins are not there to fix the bug server it always happen when no players are there to play. And i always help them and get admin to fix the server.

I always take action when someone is not abide by rules and always keep an eye on discord to see the if anyone is behaving badly with other members. I get some reports frequently when i am not in the server but still i join for them to fix their problem. So if i might get the power in future i would be more helpful to the server and i will be able to fix the server myself and kick mute if one breaks the rules and  i get it its a big responsibilty to manage the server as a admin but i am pretty ready to do this , therefore i decided to make this application to improve the other's game experience.

Best Regards,


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7 minutes ago, Stig said:

accepted :P

Heheh i hope mr stiggyyy 

BTw thanks 😘😘😘


5 minutes ago, GuiZada said:

Good luck buddy ❤️

Ty guiiiiii 

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1 hour ago, NooNiezle said:

Good Luck 😎

Ty witchyyy


1 hour ago, Hazy said:

Good luck Bondyboy! 🎅

Thankssssssssss hazzzyyyboyyyyy😘

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