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Mr. Green Gaming

Leaving Mr. Green

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Thanks for bringing us MrGreengaming as it is today. I'm sure @Cena will do his best to keep this comminity running together with all other managers/admins/moderators

Goodluck in your future life. 

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Best of luck @Ywa, its been a great run, and where one sun set occurs, another sun rise will come forth. 

I hope you enjoy retirement and also @Cena best of luck, don't forget to live in the real world as well as the virtual one. 



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Saw this topic by accident and glad I did so on time. From 2014 until 2017 I had a lot of fun in MrGreen. Great three years for sure with lots of nice memories. You made me love MTA and that's a big reason about my decision to start studying Informatics in university. Thanks to you programming got my interest and I'm very grateful for everything that I learned from Lua scripts while helping you fix small bugs some time ago. It made life easier first year with C++ as I knew the basics of programming :D Take care and good luck with your life.

Also congratulations to my pal @Cena, you really deserve it :) And welcome back to the guy who helped me during my first steps in MTA scripting - @KaliBwoy!

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shit man idk how to react, mr green was a big part of my real and internet life, i have played here maybe since 2008, or more, idk, i was 12 in that time.

Good Luck with everything in your life and congratulations to our big hair friend Cena.


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