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Leaving Mr. Green

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Hi guys!

After over 12 years it's time for me to step down from the Mr. Green community I've founded. The past couple of years I was unable to give the community what it needed. Mostly because MTA doesn't really have my interest anymore.

I've enjoyed running the servers. I madeย friends in this community. It was a great run.

@Cenaย will be taking over my spot and will run the community starting the new year. I've come to known him as someone that really cares about the community and MTA servers. While not everyone may applaud this, I do have faith in him.

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Its sad to see you gone ๐Ÿ˜ข

Thank you for having faith in me as well. I will do my best toย run the community for as long as possible.ย 

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Thanks for creating this awesome community you were one of the main reasons why i loved MTA so much and kept playing it for 7 years now, I hope you see something that catches your interest soon to make it great just like Mr.Green.ย 

Good luck Cena , Hope you can do as good as Ywa๐Ÿ‘

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Thanks to everyone. I hope I won't let anyone down!ย 

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YWAย  ย Thank you for this great community that you have given us, you have made us spend many hours of fun, besides meeting new people.

ย And CENA It's an honor to have you as our new leader, I know you will do very well,ย You will direct this community very well, thanks, I hope to have more years of fun with you. 7 years ago I discovered this server and has become my hobby, my fun

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1 hour ago, wooozie said:

can only write the same. thank you for your work and all the fun times ive had on this server. you created something very special, that will forever have a place in my heart โค๏ธ

good luck with everything in your life.

First time I see a serious post/talk from you.

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