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Well,this simple topic turned to be an interesting one.

Okan actually has very good deliverance skills,but I have to disagree with his opinions about Andrex.It's not easy to realize that they don't like each other,so that's why the fight has been started.

He is actually a helpful person who tries to make the server and its community better,example making a theme and make paintjobs for other players for FREE. (Yeah,you have to pay for the paintjob perk in-game,but not for him,it's just for the feature.)

And no,no asslicking,there were days when I didn't like him,but he earned back my respect by his selfless and positive behavior.

And who other non-admin/moderator player deserves to be "nominated"? I think he still could the job better than some actual moderators and admins,refer to the "I-muted-him-just-because-Kash-reported-the-person" conception,which is well known about the harassed people were actually the reported ones,by Kash's troll reports.

But moving back,this server really needs some improvement and accepting him as a moderator wouldn't be a wrong step in my opinion.I will respect your opinion @tehslimif you don't agree with me,but I hope the thunder between you and Andrex will fade away.

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