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A small tribute to Deluvas

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Fellow greenies, I'm bearer of bad news because I have learned that Deluvas passed-away in January.

Not sure if there are many old ZS players left here, but you probably do know him if you are one of them.

Deluvas was a good ZS players, but also an admin, a developer on Mr Green ZS and a good friend to some of us.

I made this topic so you can leave a small word or anything for him, it will probably remain here, in this dying subforum but as he was part of our community I think he deserves a little something.


To me he was a really cool guy, I had fun playing with him and all the  EU gang 10 years ago, this is sad that he is not here anymore.

He was easily among the best players at some point.

May he eat 6 brains so he can get redeem and get some kills with the Comeback bonus !


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I only spoke to him a handful of times, but he was always very kind and pleasant towards me, and we got along. 

His code will forever be in Mr.Green ZS, his version of ZS will forever be known as the golden era.



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I'm shocked, he was one of the few players that got me playing ZS a lot and I had great times playtesting the new version of ZS with him and necrossin. The fact that he was so young, makes it even more shocking. RIP Deluvas, the one who made the best ZS version that existed.

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