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Mix Clan War tournament #3

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FaP vs KoM results: 


ButtBuster: 5+1+1 points
Jap: 4+5+3 points
r0ck: 2+5+3+4+5 points
Roukas: 1+3+1+3 points
Dubby: 5+5+2+5+1 points

Total points: 64



Hide On Bush: 3+1 points
PANZER: 3 points

Total points: 7 

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ClanWar#3 Semi Finals!



Semi Finals will start this Friday. We will have 2 clanwars total. TH vs AoS and CnT vs KoM. 

Each clan owner can request what maps shall be played. If you request it during the same day of clan war, you will be ignored. If 1 clan request maps and other did not, then the requested maps will be played with some random maps. Each clan owner can request 1 map per gamemode. 

Also in Semi Finals maps will be played 1 round. So total 12 maps and all played 1 round each (4 maps for each clan so total 8 and 4 maps random).

The 2 teams which will win will proceed for Finals, while the losers will go against each other for the 3rd rank. 

Friday 16 August:

TH vs AoS will be at 19:00


Saturday 17 August:

CnT vs KoM will be at 19:00


Good luck everyone! 

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On 8/9/2019 at 11:55 PM, tyfusjap said:

We got raped by AoSholes.


Assist of Skills 
Ass 5+1+3
Forzet 4+1+5+5 
RNQ 2+3+5+1 
Ray29rus 5+5+3+5+3 
Civan 3+2 
Total: 61 

Kings of Mix 
Smegma 0 
Dubby 1+5 
Chicken 1+1 
Selim 3+4 
r0ck 0 
Total: 15



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13 minutes ago, AfuSensi said:

Great memes guys

Haha yea it is funny xD

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Posted (edited)

We don't call this a clan WAR for no reason.

It's quite literally a war, full blown civil war.

whenever there's a clan war there's an increase in toxicity.

So you might aswell call it The Third Mr.green Civil War.

Edited by tyfusjap

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You guys very creative lol

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