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One year

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Hello everyone. I would like to give you an overview with the community and whats going on with it and of course let me listen to your opinions. Just like what I did last June (Click here) when I had this community's ownership for 6 months. It is almost 1 year now (1st of Jan 2019 till 31 Dec 2019). A lot of things and changes have happened and still we will do much more in the future!


I believe its safe to say 2019 was one of the most active years Mr. Green ever had. Lots of giveaways and events hosted by me or by our community members. I promise there will be much more in the future. Stick around and we will have lots of more fun together!

Financial situation

Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone one of you. You all have supported this community by just joining our servers. You joining our servers and playing few hours a day is enough motivation for me to keep this community alive as much as I can. 

We had a great one year regarding financial situation. Mr. Green paypal balance is still positive as of today and it will remain positive till March 2020 (Thats in case 0 donations from today till March 2020). So huge thanks to everyone supporting this community financially!


Also we should thank @AfuSensi for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame and his countless hours spent on creating our website. Also we shouldn't forget @Mihoje for his countless time trying to improve the gaming experience ingame as well! Huge thanks to them. However, both of them will be inactive and we don't know for how long, so development regarding servers will be much slower and not as fast as before when we had them active. 

We have also created a racing team in MTA for our community! Team manager is @Haxardous so huge thanks to him for raising our community name in the racing community!

The future of Mr. Green

We are still working into improving our servers and expanding our community in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Which if it work out. The community would gain a lot more players. I also do have some plans as well, but no promises/confirmation yet. I will announce them when I am sure about them.

I do not see this community dying at all. I just won't let that happen. I will also start investing more into the community very soon. I have this community as a hobby and I wouldn't want to see it die. Mr. Green have been part of me when I was a kid playing here daily.  


This is it! If you have any word or opinion you would like to say. Please say it below, but keep it clean and neat! Have a good day everyone! :mr-green:

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