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Christmas event!

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We will have a quick tournament on 28 of Dec 2019. Everyone will need to post below his name and the map he wants to get played. Any gamemode you want is fine, but remember only ONE map you can suggest to be added. Please tell your friends about this so we can have as much as possible of players playing. The more players the fun! 

Teaming will be not allowed. If you get caught teaming with someone you and your team mate will get disqualified!

It will start on 28 of Dec 2019 at 19:00. Click on the time to convert to your local time!


Rewards will be as the following:

1st: 10,000 GCs + 5 days of VIP

2nd: 5,000 GCS + 3 days of VIP

3rd: 3,000 GCs + 1 day of VIP



Good luck everyone and have fun!

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37 minutes ago, andrex97 said:

Nickname: SF|AX97

Map: Golden Island


34 minutes ago, shortcat said:


race - azimli sıçan duvarı deler

All gamemodes will be allowed. So expect mix maps as well!

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3 minutes ago, Dubby said:

I can't really come, but
[SH] Shade of Madness 3.0


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