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Game server: Mix

Country: 🇧🇷

Nickname: KoM|Lord

Discord name: Mamba#6017

Age: 17


i started playing this in mid of april, 2013 used to play dayz/roleplay servers back then, in early 2014 some of my clanmates (from dayz server) recommended me to play on this lovely server, i certainly liked its atmosphere/gameplay and kept playing here until nowadays, it's been 6 years in march since then


my primary goal is will be not to use the privileges for myself. by that, i'm referring to following what the rules tell me, ignoring if i dislike or like someone from my experiences with them. i intend to prevent these abuses. i will do my best to help the server players to play the game fairer by taking the necessary actions for players who break the rules. if i am unsure of a decision i should take, i will also ask my teammates for advice. even if i just bring someone to attention without actually punishing them myself, i think it is important to create fair gameplay. apart from these, can reach me easily and i will do my best to solve their problems. i am an approachable player. this includes for people who aren't native to my country too (i'm almost always active at night and there are no online mods because of the time zone)

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