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Hello,    :hi:

I think I'm playing on MTA servers for over 8 years. When I first started playing on this server it was 2013 I guess. Of course those old times was good and I was didn't know much about registering servers. Few years later with some knowledge I created an account on here and the time was like mid 2015. Didn't do anything in here but creating an account...

Well of course I did not played the game since 2015. I took a long break time to time. Reason was simple; desire. Nowadays I join servers sometimes (when I miss) and playing like 1 hour or more. Lot of people don't know me because I don't stay much. When I'm bored I change my name frequently. So thats why. Like mysterious figure who occasionally appearing and disappering. As I finish my words, let me tell you some things about me!

I'm from Turkey, 21 years old. Love RPG & Old School games. You maybe noticed already my medium level English, may be I did some small mistakes. :bon:

I'm currently using ingame name of "K-DST" if you see me playing, feel free to holler at me! Have a nice day forum! :mr-green:


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