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Story of your avatar


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I like Hot Fuzz.

I dunno, I woke up and was Quarian .......

Mine it says NO. Because I like to answer those silly question with a silly no. Always.

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4 years ago i was listening music on on youtube when this videos came out and i liked the guy, in those days i used to think the drawing dude looked like me but skinny, i used to comb like him, use big headsets and big sunglasses.

With the time now i look like this fag but with less hair and browny blonde...



And less beard ofc because i cant grow it properly cuz i have gay genes

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My avatar comes from Naruto (Anime) 

Which its Sasuke Uchiha's eyes after he killed his brother in fight with him (Itachi Uchiha), So he knew the truth of him and he wanted for a revenage to destory the Hidden Leaf village.. He failed because naruto aleardy got him and finally made him understand.

Gosh idk how much i love naruto haha

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Guest AleksCore

My avatar was created by myself. There you can see: Fry from Furuama (I love this cartoon, I love this character); Fry got Asking Alexandria T-Shirt, that's a music band I used to like and listen a lot before; background is a photo from Enter Shikari concert, I really love this band and I love their triangle green logo made from LEDs.

This avatar describes me and my tastes very well. I am also a bit silly like Fry ;)

P.S. I was on Asking Alexandria concert x1 time and on Enter Shikari x3 times B)


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