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Show us your Gaming Setup!!!

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My new setup. Been working on it all day. Had to construct, flip and move that thing by myself. I parked my old desk on the left side. Even more workspace Speaker bass is behind the monitor. Prett

No clue, but I will merge your topic to that older one and rename it.

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Hey everyone, what's up.

        So we did show our pictures, our desktop background, our internet speed, even our cars, but we didnt show our "gaming" setup yet. So lets do that now. I know somebody may have shown it already at introducing themselves or anywhere else, but lets make a special place for this. As usual i'll be the first one. I admit i did clean all the mess for the picture but eh, anyway. ( Next time we're going to show our toilets )




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Just now, Dubby said:

We don't, that's why I suggested Nick to do it :P

I am almost sure there is a topic where people posting their setups!

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8 minutes ago, Nick said:

Nice job, a certified bruh moment for me

Anyway that topic name is confusing what's "er rig" even supposed to mean, ofc i couldn't find it cuz i was searching similar topic before posting but couldn't find anything, now i know why



No clue, but I will merge your topic to that older one and rename it.

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On 5/21/2021 at 3:44 PM, Reiska said:


I can see ur a Finn with those bottles in the background.

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